Castle – Season 5, Episode 23 “The Human Factor”, Review

Rating: 6.5 

Castle didn’t give me terribly strong feelings in either direction last night. I’m not a member of the Stana fandom that goes crazy over everything that she does, although I respect those within the community. I came to Castle for Nathan Fillion, it’s true, but I’m also not a member of his crazy fandom (some of my friends may beg to differ… I own a lot of things with Nay Fill’s face on them). Castle is a show that I come to for my procedural fix. Unfortunately, over time every procedural gets a little bit crazy with government conspiracies and cover-ups, and that’s usually when I start to feel apathetic toward them.

I distinctly remember the first time I felt this way. Alex Cabbott, an Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Special Victims Unit (Law & Order: SVU), was reportedly shot and killed in an episode. The reality was that she was going into Witness Protection, and the juiciest of melodramatic drama was squeezed out of this plot from every single angle to the point of absurdity in following seasons. Obviously Castle hasn’t done that yet (unless you count the exhausting plot surrounding Beckett’s mother), and for this I am glad.

An episode about drones definitely worried me, leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t like episodes that are too relevant or close to home with modern problems because TV is my escapism. I don’t need to worry about real-life problems when I get to watch Nathan Fillion for an hour… Right? That being said, it wasn’t a bad episode of Castle, it was just memorable in a way that I don’t like. What I appreciated the most was the position that the episode left Beckett in and the choices she must now make.

I hope that I’m in the majority on this one, but I really, really, really, really, REALLY need Beckett to take the new job. Beckett is a fascinating and strong female character who has rarely compromised her integrity for personal gain. She’s a career woman who rarely leaves time for boyfriends, who has sacrificed any kind of a social life to be the best at what she does; she’s at the top of her game. What in sweet heaven would make her turn down what might literally be her dream job?

It’s certainly fair to say that the show could not possibly go on if she did accept the opportunity, but honestly I’d rather the series end on her career advancement than string us along for at least one season of Beckett resenting Castle, if not many. Caskett already has a bickering problem, why add fuel to the fire?



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  1. I’ve watched Castle from inception and like where it’s going. Like some I came to watch Castle because of Nathan Fillion /Firefly & Serenity, but have grown to love the show due to the incredible ensemble of actors & the storylines.
    No I’m no young 18-24, I remember Hart to Hart and Moonlighting… I remember what can happen when the two major people get together. But like in Hart to Hart, it can work. If the storylines stay interesting and fun, without going soapy it will stay a hit. Not everything has to have super violence or supe’d up sex scenes. There are a lot of people out here who still like to have a great whodunit to unfold with a love couple solving and others having stories around. Shocked! I imagine so…not everything has to be “reality tv-junk” or so simple that a fifth grader could figure it out.
    Please keep good Castle writing going, I thank the actors-All, and the writers. No tragic formulas or splits or stupid cheating. Try wholesome TV again.
    Thank you. M37

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