Castle – Season 5, Episode 22 Review, “Still”

Rating:    9.7

So I’m not going to get into “Still” that much because it was a flashback episode, thus there’s not a whole lot to say. We all know what to expect in one of these episodes: a lot of conversation about past moments followed by funny and heartfelt clips.

I’m in a strange minority, but flashback episodes are absolutely one of my favorite styles of televised storytelling in later seasons of any given series. Sometimes flashback episodes are terrible, granted, but often they are the gravy on top of a very delicious, savory batch of mashed potatoes (it’s not necessarily good for you, but damn does it taste good).

Castle’s flashback episode will surely go down in history as one of the series best overall because not only was every clip pointed, accurate, and have a clear purpose, but it provided some of the best fan service I’ve ever seen. From Castle’s wacky supernatural theories, Kate’s many haircuts, Castle’s love for solving crime, and a final montage of Montgomery and near-death experiences followed up by every single kiss… well, I can’t imagine an episode that would make the Castle fandom any happier. (Also: “Always”.)

The plot was clearly an aside, but the “how will they get out of this one?” stories have always been some of my favorite in the Castle universe. Most importantly, though, the episode did exactly what every single viewer knew that it would and yet it was fantastic. Predictability is something that only this series has mastered as a provoking and positive storytelling art form.

I am abundantly happy. So thank you, Castle for the reminder of all of the things that have made me weep like a baby and laugh like a hyena. To as many more seasons as we can get without jumping the shark.

(Also, Gates knew the whole time and that makes me exceptionally happy. She is one of the best characters in the show, and Penny Johnson Gerald’s ability to fluidly move through an angry yet comedic role is flawless.)

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