Arrested Development – Season 4, Episode 6 “Double Crossers” Review

Rating: 7.0
Another George Senior episode down, and hopefully that is the last of them. I just could not find myself interested in this story. I won’t say the episode was bad, because it wasn’t. I just find it rather boring. Even the humor in this one wasn’t memorable. I could just stick with what I said last time, that because the episode focused so much on business and politics (and all of the ever-changing logistics inherent in Bluthian planning) I lost interest. There has to be something else turning me away from this aspect of theArrested Development world, however.
My first thought is that George Senior (for the most part) is not that sympathetic of a character. The selfish way he normally goes about things is only fun to watch when you can see how frustrated it makes his family. That’s not to say his character is not performed beautifully, but this does not save the fact that, at least initially, I didn’t really care about his plight. The transformation George Senior inhabits in this episode, however, is a delightfully clever twist on his character, and at least for the last five minutes or so, makes him hilariously sympathetic. I’ll reserve spoilers, but if it hadn’t been for George Senior’s “revelation” near the end I would have given this episode an even lower rating.
The only other thing that kept me watching was the fact that a lot was explained in this episode. I have a suspicion that there is a larger percentage of off-camera narration in George Senior episodes, as it seems so much needs exposition. While this detracts from the acting/improvisation-focused elements I love so much, it does help tie the episodes together, and create more clarity. It seems a solid understanding of what was happening on a macro level was missing at first, and now I could go back and watch the other episodes feeling a little more grounded.
Otherwise, I made it through this episode with some laughs and (as always) a greater appreciation for Jeffrey Tambor’s acting. Plot-wise I felt a little disinterested, but I can feel the series picking up steam, and I cannot wait for the GOB and Buster episodes. I’ve been missing seeing el hermanos.

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