Arrested Development Season 4, Episode 11 “A New Attitude” Review

Rating: 8.8

One can always count on a G.O.B. for sexual intrigue, fights that don’t hurt, and lots of familial rejection. What I never thought I would see, however, was him falling in love. Like most of the characters on the show I didn’t think him capable of that sort of thing. He still goes about finding it in his own dysfunctional way, but the end result is endearing (and confusing) all the same. Though this one wasn’t as laugh-a-minute as the last G.O.B. episode, it was still very funny; and though G.O.B. wasn’t stuck in a fake rock and left for dead, Will Arnett still somehow makes the episode about G.O.B.’s vulnerability.

For me, Will Arnett’s performance was the highlight of the episode, and one of the best parts of this new season. Maybe it’s his radio voice, his over-tanned, larger-than-life stature, or his physical derring-do. Upon further reflection I realized I mostly just love watching him improvise, and the choices he makes when he is given a longer-than-average take end up being some of the season’s best moments. Though G.O.B. himself is not the most accomplished magician, Will Arnett manages to perform some comedic alchemy with just his face.

Much like other episodes this one was about the main character discovering something new about themselves. Even though this is the focus and is done very well (concerning G.O.B.), I was surprised at how happy I was to learn more about Tony Wonder, G.O.B.’s rival, played by Ben Stiller. Stiller’s facial hair is a legitimate reason alone to watch this episode, and it poses so many hilarious questions. Did they at first just want one soul patch and then decide to upgrade to two, side by side? Was it not enough to have two soul patches, so then they had to dye them red?

Whenever I think to myself “They must have had so much fun making that choice” I know I’m witnessing something great. The G.O.B. episodes are rife with this sort of humor, and I think it can be found in other episodes, too. Just in case someone is still questioning the value of this season, try considering this show as a comedian would, or put yourself in the place of the writers. There is something for every type of viewer to enjoy, and I think this conceptual variety is especially prevalent as the season progresses. Stick with it, and the rewards are as marvelous as a dove flying out of hand fire.

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