America’s Got Talent Week 6, Night 2 Recap

The final night of auditions was filled with cuteness, pole dancing, and Howard Stern overload! Here are the highlights from San Antonio:

Mestizo Ballet Folklorico – Mariachi dancing kids with knives! I can not possibly describe how cute these kids are in mariachi outfits. These three boys , ages 11, 7, and 3, did a machete dance. The two older kids had machetes and the 3 year old had butter knives! I want to squeeze the little one. Even Mel B couldn’t handle the cuteness and gave the little guy a hug. Of course cuteness is going to Vegas!

Timber Brown – This guy took pole dancing to a new level as he did a handstand on top of the pole. Mel B mentions that she has worked with him before so she was not allowed to vote but that does not hinder him as the other three judges give him yeses. He seemed highly skilled and I don’t doubt that he will have something great for the next round.

Skilyr Hicks – This fourteen year old performed an original song about her father.Her voice did not sound like a 14 year old’s voice which is impressive but we have seen many teenagers, and younger, sing and sound much older than they are. What sets her apart is her original song which didn’t sound like it was written by a fourteen year old.  I’d love to hear more of her original songs but I also hope she does a cover at some point. I think she has a shot to go pretty far in this competition and hopefully she impresses just as much in Vegas.

Dr. Bob Baker – For his day job he is a gastroenterologist, which means he gives colonoscopies and helps with people’s digestive problems. By the way, the most frightening part of the word ‘gastroenterologist’ is the word ‘enter’ that’s jammed in the middle there. Another side note, Dr. Bob isn’t just any gastroenterologist, he is Howard Stern’s gastroenterologist, and he moonlights as a ventriloquist, however he’s not a million dollar act ventriloquist and the judges agree.

Milton Patton – I guess country is the new opera this week on ‘AGT’ with quite a few country acts between Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s episodes. I can’t do it anymore! Stop country! Stop country! Stop country! Oh fine! He was good. Very good. To Vegas with him.

NOW WE ENTER HOWARD STERN OVERLOAD. A montage of of people talking about how much they love him and just want to touch his hair.  I don’t get it.

Jetta – The Howard Stern overload isn’t over yet. 63 year old Jetta looks like a female version of Howard and it’s okay that I say that because she said it herself! When Howard goes grey he may actually look just like her! She came on ‘AGT’ so she could sing ‘Hot Stuff’ to Howard. She thinks Howard is hot stuff. I don’t get it. I don’t doubt that she was aware she lacked vocal talent, but nonetheless her dreams came true that night. Howard Stern touched her and she nearly had a conniption. No to Vegas, but she is fine with her consolation prize.

I can’t believe auditions are over. There were times when I thought they may never end. Next week the show is in Vegas and we will more than likely have to say goodbye to some of our favorite acts soon. Who are you most excited to see again in Vegas?

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