America’s Got Talent Week 6 Auditions Recap

Another entertaining week with a good mix of extreme talent and ridiculous fun and I may have actually picked a favorite judge. Here are the highlights:


Olivia Rox – Congratulations to Olivia for taking one of my least favorite songs and turning it into something beautiful. She gave us an acoustic version of “As Long as You Love Me” and she had a little bit of Florence Welch sound to her voice. Off to Vegas.

Ronald Farnham – It was pretty obvious when Ronald came on stage with a table full of plungers that this was a no. Although, I have to admit, as he threw plungers at naked guys’ backs I was pretty excited when one finally stuck.

Tummy Talk – Three men in tuxedos come out on stage. I was sure that an opera performance was headed our way and I was surprisingly relieved to say that instead these three men played a fat guy like a drum. That is actually what they did. They had another guy take his shirt off while the tuxedoed gentlemen slapped his body. I will say that they didn’t slap him willy nilly, there was clearly thought put into each slap. It was done artfully, or as artfully as something like this could possibly be done. For the sake of weird the he got three out of four yeses.

Jim Meskimen – The best impersonations. Not only did he do really good impressions of Ricky Gervais and Robin Williams, but he also combined them to make Robin Gervais! I can’t wait to see more and the judges agree.

Alex Magala – The best part about this show is that you get to see acts that you never could have imagined. He swallowed a sword and started breaking dancing WITH THE SWORD STILL IN HIS BODY!  Extreme breakdancing. Yeses all around.

Aerial Ice – A Cirque Du Soleil-esque ice skating performance. Clearly talented and deserving of their four yeses but I was more interested in how they were ice skating on the stage. The answer: they skated on plastic. I didn’t know that was possible. Send the special, ice plastic maker to Vegas!

SensEtion – First off, is there a reason we are spelling ‘sensation’ with a capital ‘E’ in the middle? A 3D video mapping dance act. It had the feel of a futuristic Blue Man Group and was very unique. I am always excited to see things I haven’t seen before. Heidi Klum said she was bored during this performance and that the dancing wasn’t impressive. There was a ton of potential with this act. I’m sure it could use a bit of polishing but they were anything but boring. Thank goodness the other three judges disagreed with Heidi.

New Orleans

Yasha and Daniela – Based on personality alone this 8 and 9 year old dance duo should take the competition, but also they can dance!

Jimmy Rose – When people come on and sing country music I do my best to judge fairly despite not being a country fan. After all, millions of people love country music. Jimmy Rose himself was likable and definitely talented. He performed an original song which is always a brave choice on a show like this. He is off to Vegas.

Captain Explosion – He blew himself up in a box wrapped in silver wrapping paper. Well he blew up the box with him inside but he made it out okay. Not the most interesting stunt act I’ve seen and three out of four judges agree with me. Howie Mandel defended the act and while I don’t agree with him this is why Howie may actually be my favorite judge and I never thought he would be my favorite anything. He really tries to fight for the acts that he likes no matter how ridiculous. There is nothing too bizarre for him and, for this show, that is a good thing. This show’s main attraction is the bizarre.

Chloe Channel – The big ole bucks of the competition better watch out for Chloe because she will shoot you down! This hunting, eleven year old, singer is going to Vegas.

212 Green – A band from New York that performed a rendition of ‘Rumor Has It’ that was not better than the original but was still pretty good. Definitely a fun band and when they perform in Vegas hopefully they will kick it up a notch.

Al Harris – The prop comedy act that never ended. To give you an idea of what kind of jokes Al was doling out here is his opener: Al dumps a lot balls out of a box onto the stage. Al says, “It takes a lot of balls to come up here.” The jokes were so bad it was painful but after he was given four ‘X’s Al insisted on continuing. He was scattered and frantic and was somehow hilarious. Not Radio City funny, but funny nonetheless. Howie, again, sticks up for the underdog. This guy could be the king of terrible jokes! He was so persistent he got the audience on his side but he couldn’t win over Mel B, Heidi, or Howard Stern. With only one yes he isn’t going to Vegas. He did seem like the nicest and most genuine bad act I’ve seen all season. Can’t there be a competition for best bad act?

Don’t forget tonight, at 9/8c, there is a new hour of AGT auditions. Follow me on Twitter @spacecaits.

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