America’s Got Talent Week 5 Recap

This week auditions were filled with a slew of likable performances. There was certainly a lot of talent, but there were a few duds thrown in and also a turd. Yes, there was a turd on stage. Here are the highlights from Chicago and San Antonio.


Kelsey and Bailey – A dancing duo. A woman and her dog. Keeping in mind a dog show won ‘AGT’ last season I still really liked Kelsey and her little dog, Bailey. Bailey ran around backwards on her hind legs and then when the act was over she gave her owner a high five. Hooray for animals doing human things! The judges sent them to Vegas.

Bruce Purvier and Family – Now when I say ‘family’ I’m talkin’ wife and 12 kids kind of family. They spun a lot of basketballs and then rode around on really high unicycles. It was the Partridge family meets the Harlem Globetrotters. The talent probably lies in keeping twelve kids organized enough to create an act in the first place. It wasn’t my kind of thing but the judges disagree and sent them to the next round.

David Furman –  A comedy/stunt juggling act. Not only did David put himself in danger for his act, but even the judges, and maybe some of the audience, were in danger too. David held a stick in his mouth, balanced a red balloon on the stick, and then balanced a molotov cocktail on top of the balloon. If the molotov were to fall and hit the floor there would have been a major fire on stage. David popped the balloon with the molotov on top and it landed upright, on the sticks in David’s mouth. I can’t help but be skeptical that a real molotov cocktail was used. Would the producers really allow that? Anywho, he said there would be comedy in his act and there was none. Hopefully he will bring the comedy in Vegas.

Chicago Boyz – This south side acrobatics team impressed, especially when they turned a child into a jump rope! To Vegas with them!

2 Unique – Lela Brown and DJ Young One. These two ten year old had a lot of personality. They mashed up Run D.M.C.’s ‘It’s Tricky’ with Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Boom Boom Pow’. Not a perfect act but a really fun one and the judges agree.

Sully Dunn – This 18 year old singer-songwriter really stumped the judges. Sully was full of a quirkiness that I couldn’t help but love. He was so nervous that he couldn’t stand still. He continuously fumbled with his guitar strap and at the end of his performance one of the strings broke on his guitar. Mel B compared Sully’s performance and song to Green Day which seems accurate. The song didn’t show any particularly amazing guitar skills but I loved his lyrics and his awkwardness. Howard Stern greatly disagreed with the other three judges who all thought Sully’s quirks added to his act. Howard thought he was horrible. I noticed on twitter that it seemed 50/50 as far as people who liked Sully Dunn and who didn’t, but I am pro Sully!  He is through to Vegas.

Branden James – More opera. Of course there is more opera. Is there a contract that says every episode must have opera? He was great as most of the Opera singers that appear on this show are.

Trevor the Cat Trainer – I was rooting for this guy before he hit the stage. Anyone who says they can train cats must be talented. I was so excited to see kitties! Trevor hit the stage and summoned a cat to him and from backstage came a giant, cat costume, puppet thing, I don’t even know. But I still had faith that real cats would  be involved. Maybe the giant, fake cat would spit out real cats? Nope. Instead it spit out a fur ball and then it pooped out a giant plastic poop. I feel like a fool.

San Antonio

David Fenley – With a bluesy, raspy voice he performs Alex Clare’s ‘Too Close’ giving us a version that I may like more than the original. He is possibly my favorite singer on the show so far, not only because of his skills but his personality shined as well when it came to his banter with the judges. He asked Mel B “Is it what you want, what you really, really want?” However, I don’t know how we haven’t heard that joke nine times already.

Dancin’ Dylan Wilson – Dancin’ Dylan is an animation dancer. It seems that every little movement counts in this dance style and he made sure of it. Kenichi from week 3’s auditions is still my favorite dancer but Dancin’ Dylan is definitely competition for him.

Hunk O Mania International Men of Steel – Dressed as Gladiators they gave a very average dance performance. Heidi and Mel B wanted to put them through because they thought they were dreamy but thank goodness Howard and Howie didn’t let that happen. Also, am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t find that man boob flex thing sexy? This prompts Howard Stern to flirt with Heidi Klum. Drink!

Lil Mike and Funny Bone – These two are Native American brothers, both named Jesus, and they are little people. They are everything!  Jesus and Jesus certainly had the audience on their feet with their song ‘Rain Dance’. They were entertaining enough to make it to the next round.

American Hitmen – This rock band was made up of Marines who all met while serving. Howard Stern has been looking for a rock band and he very well may have found one.

I am still feel like a loser. I was sure there would be real, trained cats! Why am I so gullible?  Overall it was a very strong week for musicians with six memorable music acts, but next week I want kitties.

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