America’s Got Talent Week 4 Recap

This episode had all that was missing from last week’s. I felt like Bill Hader’s Stefon could introduce the episode of ‘AGT’ as if it were a club. “This episode had everything. There was a singing mime, a driving cat, gas mask clad Irish step dancers and a little zombie princess.”

New York

Struck Boyz – A hip hop choreography group made up of 8-11 year old boys hit the stage bursting with so much loud, east coast, Italian style that I’m afraid if any of them ever quit dancing they will end up on some future incarnation of the ‘Jersey Shore’. It was not the most exciting dance performance we’ve seen but they clearly have skills. They are going to Vegas.

Christef Brothers – These two men learned their art from their parents who were hand balancers in the circus. Hand balancing? More like Man balancing. There is always room for circus acts in Vegas and that is where they are going.

Aneya Marie – The singing mime, which instantly sounds like a bad idea, was a huge dud and this kicks off a montage of what we have been waiting for, ridiculous mediocrity!

Hammerstep – Once the montage of epic sucking was over, Hammerstep brought back the talent with an innovative blend of irish step dancing and hip hop while wearing gas masks. Mel B described them as weird and all of the judges agreed that weird is good.

Bones the Machine and DJ Aaron – Gas masks were on trend during the auditions as this contortionist dance duo is also headed to Vegas.

Leon Etienne – An Illusionist! I agree with Howard, I too want magic on ‘AGT’! Leon and his assistant impressed as they had Nick Cannon pick a card and then made the card show up on the assistant’s shirt by using a squirt gun.

Isaiah and Aralyn – It was hard not to root for these 9 and 6 year old siblings and their heavy metal single Zombie Skin. This was most certainly one of the most unexpected performances of the season and I was pleasantly surprised that these two are going to vegas. Rarely are there metal acts on this show and it is even more rare that those performers are under the age of 10. Three out of four judges said yes but the act was too scary for Mel B. Too Scary for Scary Spice? She should be stripped of her title!

Virginia State University Gospel Choir – Another choir this season. They were good but I’m bored. The prize this season is an act on the Radio City Music Hall stage, a stage that has undoubtedly seen a choir or two in its day. Yes they were great and more exciting than other choir acts we’ve seen this season but my vote is no more choir acts until we get to the Vegas round where we will see what Virginia State will bring us next.

Los Angeles

Chris Antes – He sculpted his chewing gum in his mouth. I don’t even know what to say. Of course every judge said no. What did he expect? His art is miniscule!

Brandon and Savannah – They proved that performing an original song can be worthwhile on a show like this and get four yeses from the judges. However I agree with Howie, performing songs that are recognizable will probably get them more votes in the future.

Taylor Williamson – It feels like it has been forever since we have seen a stand up comic on this show and I am so happy that he made the judges and myself laugh. He was so quick and had great banter. Definitely one of the acts that I will most be looking forward to this season.

Jacob Calle – He put a scorpion in his mouth. I think Mel B summed it up best, “It’s weird. You’re weird. I don’t like it.”

Nathan Phan – A straight jacket act in which he sings while escaping the jacket. Half of the judges were impressed while Howard Stern and Heidi said no. With a 50/50 split, which would normally mean no to Vegas, Heidi asks if he has another act he can perform. He asked for a deck of cards and did an impromptu card trick in which the judges chose a card. He then stuffed the deck in his mouth and spit out the cards leaving the card the judges chose in his mouth. Heidi and Howard both change their votes as they are impressed by his improvisation.

Forte – This trio only met in person four days before their audition and they performed phenomenally, ending the show with unexpected operatic vocals.

AGT was back with a bang this week with huge variety of performances and we really got to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully the auditions continue this way.

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