America’s Got Talent Week 3 Recap

This week America’s Got Talent was in Chicago for an episode that was less than exciting. Every act shown most definitely had talent but only three really stood out from the rest. I am fairly new to watching America’s Got Talent but I have seen all of the auditions from last season and I don’t remember one episode having zero bad performances which is the case for last night’s auditions.

I am absolutely open to the show having more acts that have talent opposed to fools that just want to be on tv, after all the talent should drive the show, but when every act in one episode goes through to the next round we lose some tension. If every act is full of talent then shouldn’t the judges be pickier about who goes on to Vegas? My biggest gripe with the show this season is that the judges don’t ask the contestants enough questions about how they are going to expand their act for the next round or what sets their act apart from others that are similar.

Here is a recap of what the Windy City brought us:

Omega Force Strength Team- This group came fully equipped with the world’s strongest senior citizen, at 75 years old, who performed a 300 pound giant barrel squat. Another man broke 42 walls of concrete with his elbow and to top everything off another guy bench pressed Nick Cannon. Okay, they did things that I could never do but that hardly qualifies as talent.  While three judges gave definite yeses, Howie Mandel said their presentation was lacking and gave them a no, the only no for the entire episode.

Kyle and Darby – A cheerleading stunt duo. Darby is only five years old and Kyle practically juggled her in the air and if there were two more Darbys perhaps he actually could juggle them. Maybe in the next round Kyle can juggle kids, but who knows what they will bring us in Vegas because the judges didn’t ask! They got four yeses from the judges.

Kenichi –  When this guy came to the stage and said he was going to be doing a “dance-ish” performance I was sure he was going to be the first bomb of the evening. I could not have been more wrong. Who could have believed something described as “ish” could be so amazing? I may officially have a favorite contestant on the show. He layed down on the ground and stood up without using his hands. He made his head look like it came off of his shoulders! VEGAS! VEGAS! VEGAS!

Deanna DellaCioppa – Deeana gave us a great inspirational story. She is a dog rescuer whose real passion is music but lacked confidence because of her weight. She walked out on stage with hair as bright as her red lips and brought the audience to their feet with her powerful voice and overwhelming emotion. Four big yeses from the judges.

Steve “Sprice” Price – This was the next act that stood out from the rest. I never thought I’d see a  Rube Goldberg machine on ‘America’s Got Talent’. If you don’t know what a Rube Goldberg machine is think Pee Wee Herman and his breakfast machine in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  I could watch Rube Goldberg Machines all day! Definitely unique in terms of what I’ve seen on this show. Sprice just needs to work on his showmanship and if he does that he could go a long way. The judges can’t wait to see what he will do next.

Rong Niu – This woman stood on a unicycle while juggling bowls. I didn’t even know one could juggle bowls. She flipped three bowls that rested on her foot to the top of her head. She didn’t stop there! She did the same thing with four bowls. And she did it in heels! I can’t wait to see her flip at least five bowls in Vegas.

American Military Spouses Choir – This choir is unique in that every member is the wife of someone serving in the military and they literally help heal people with their music. They closed the show with a strong performance of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and, of course, they are going to Vegas.

While there were definitely unique acts the show just didn’t feel the same. Where was the judges banter? Where was the tension of wondering if an act will make it or not? Where were Howard Stern’s annoying flirtations with Heidi?

Hopefully week four’s auditions will bring us all of that and more.


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