America’s Got Talent Week 2 Recap

What is going on ‘AGT’? While this episode was filled with plenty of talented people it was not nearly as entertaining as the premier. There were only a couple of performances that really stood out from the rest, but where are all the ridiculously terrible duds that make the good performances spectacular? I want to feel the schadenfreude. Here are the highlights from San Antonio and New Orleans.

San Antonio

Travis Pratt – He proved to provide one of the more entertaining moments of the show. Pratt surprised everyone when he went all opera on our asses and hit some spectacular notes that you wouldn’t expect from a buff guy. But his time didn’t end there. His girlfriend was invited on stage and he proposed to her and she said yes! The judges also said yes and send Travis to Vegas.

Ruby and Jonas – a nine and ten year old ballroom dancing duo. Ruby was from a dance group called The Untouchables that was featured last season on ‘AGT’. They are very  talented and blew the judges away but there was a twist…

D’Angelo(12) and Amanda (13) –  D’Angelo is Ruby’s older brother and was also part of The Untouchables. I think the key to a successful dance performance on a show like this is when the act is more than just a dance. They had some serious comedic flair along with mad dance skills. I am interested to see how the sibling rivalry continues as both kid duos go to on to the next round.

Mariachi Nuevo Estillo AVM – At first they seemed like your average Mariachi band with a typical sound but then they broke into a Rap/Mariachi medley. I have never heard anything like this before. I don’t think their act was perfect; believe it or not I wanted more Mariachi in the rapping segments, but because this is so original I want to see what they will pull out next and the judges agree. They have potential to be a truly unique headlining act.

Pistol Packin’ Paula – This is the first real dud of the week two auditions as Paula spun some pistols around and cracked a whip. Her Annie Oakley act was quaint but Vegas doesn’t need quaint, it needs showy. All of the judges said no except Howard Stern. What? Why Howard? You are supposed to be the tough judge of the group. What is happening to you?

Brad Byers  – He swallows 9 double-edged, 27 inch swords. The most interesting part is that, by using a fluoroscope, Byers lets us actually see the blades in his esophagus. This is not the kind of thing I would pay to see, but as Howie points out, dangerous acts definitely have a place in the entertainment business. Heidi was the deciding factor in Byers moving forward and gave a hesitant yes.

Collins Key –  Finally a magic act. The prize is a Vegas act, after all! He amazes the judges by making a dollar from Howie’s pocket appear in Nick Cannon’s unopened bag of chips that Key got from backstage. Four big yeses from the judges. Hooray for magicians… wait I mean illusionists!

New Orleans

Megan Piphus- I was nervous when this woman came to the stage with puppets but when she made one of the puppets convincingly perform an operatic song I was sold.

Jonathan Allen – More opera singing. Okay, we get it, people who can sing opera are talented but how many do we need on this show? Yes, Jonathan does an amazing job, and yes he is going to Vegas, but this makes three opera performances in one episode. Unfortunately the only thing that sets this guy apart from Travis Pratt and Megan Piphus is his sob story.

Alexandria the Great – I have mixed feelings about this 48 year old, female escape artist. She was chained under water for two minutes and despite Howie screaming “She’s dead!” she popped up.This was very impressive, but not necessarily original. I’m looking forward to seeing her again in Vegas because there are very few female escape artists and even fewer over the age of 40 but she needs to really impress in the next round.

JC Starbright – This act was reminiscent of last week’s terrible performance from Miu, who may be my spirit totem. JC Starbright aspires to be the next Lady GaGa which prompts Howie Mandel to call him Lady GuyGuy. Howie apologize for that joke now, it was terrible! He gets three ‘X’s quickly but in true Howie Mandel style he makes us sit through the performance until JC forgets the words to his own song.

Sam Johnson – Wow! This guy does a handstand on a swaying pole 80 feet in the air. It was very impressive but what will this guy do next? Make the pole even higher? Maybe he can do it while singing B-DOUBLE O -T-Y? We will have to wait to find out in Las Vegas.

Paul Thomas Mitchell – A very talented singer/songwriter closes the show with an original song. Well he is adorable and he is a good songwriter and he does have a beautiful voice and why am I getting lost in his eyes? Could this be love? He even brought Nick Cannon to tears! While not necessarily the strongest ending it was definitely emotional.

Lots of opera this week and while there was clearly tons of talent there weren’t too many unique acts.. Next week the show is in Chicago and the Windy City better bring it!

Next Week : Don’t forget next week AGT is on at a special time on NBC at 8/7c.

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