America’s Got Talent Vegas Week Night 1 Recap

Get ready to feel all of the emotions. It’s ‘AGT’ Vegas week!

The ‘AGT’ contestants are split up into three group at the top of the show. One group needs to prove themselves to judges by performing again. Of this group half will be eliminated and half will go on to Radio City Music Hall. The second group is made up of people that are definitely through to the next round and the third group are people who immediately get eliminated without getting a chance to prove themselves again. So some people came to Vegas just to find out they are going home. Bummer.

Quite a long list of folks make it though. I’ve included some thoughts/reminders of who these people are:

-Catapult Entertainment – This is my favorite group dance act because they include story seamlessly into their act. So glad they made it.

-Fresh Faces – a kids dance group.

-Tone the Chiefrocca – B-Double-O-T-Y!!!

-Sprice – Rube Goldberg Machine! This is the only act of its kind and I’m excited to see more.

-Kenichi Ebina – You may remember his act as being ‘dace-ish’ and his head looking like it dropped to his chest.

-Anna Christine – The 10 year old who played/sang ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

-Innovative Force – A youth dance and acrobatics group.

-Alexandria the Great – 48 year old Escape artist.

-Mitsi Dancing School – Chinese folk dancing.

-Tummy Talk – The threesome that played drums on a fat guys tummy. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t have to audition again in Vegas.

-Jimmy Rose – A Country singer/songwriter.

-Aerial Ice – Remember the plastic ice rink on stage? These guys performed on it!

– Kelsey and Bailey the Dog – Another act that I’m surprised didn’t have to prove themselves again. Perhaps because there are hardly any other animal acts.

– Chicago Boyz – An acrobatics team that  turned a kid into a jump rope!

– 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra – They do orchestral renditions of pop songs.

– University of Virginia Gospel Choir

– American Military Spouses Choir

-Angel Hoover – Comedian/ Impersonator. Her impressions are dead on but her set is a bit weak. She should have had to re-audition.

-Jim Meskimen – Another comedian/ impersonator and he is a step up from Angela Hoover.

– David Weathers – A dangerous rattlesnake act.

– Kevin Downey Jr. – They didn’t show much of his act in his auditions but he is a comedian with a lot of personality. I wish I knew more about his act.

– Branden James – An Opera singer from Chicago.

– Struck Boyz – 8-11 year old, hip-hop, dance group.

– SensEtion – 3D Video mapping dance act.

-Aerospehere – An aerial balloon that floats over the crowd. Another extremely original act.

– Spin-tacular – Basketball spinning act. Oh and they are on unicycles while they do it. I’ve seen more impressive things done on unicycles (bowl flipping anyone?).

Now for the acts that didn’t make it:

– Olivia Rox – I really liked Olivia. She performed an acoustic version of ‘As Long as You Love Me’. Perhaps she wasn’t as strong as some of the other singers in her age group, like Anna Christine.

-Sully Dunn –  Noooooo! I loved Sully who performed an original song and was one of the more unique music acts but the judges were split on him. The whole point of sending him to Vegas was to give him a chance to prove himself again! Why didn’t he get that chance?

-Yasha and Daniela – 8 and 9 year old dance duo who were adorable and talented but I agree that there are other’s in the competition that top them.

– Milton Patton – This seemed to be the biggest shock. I noticed people all over twitter that were upset that he didn’t go straight to Radio City Music Hall. All I can think of is that there are a lot of country music acts so they had to narrow that genre down.

Well now that the heartbreak of seeing those four competitors go home is over we can move onto the roller coaster ride that is the Vegas auditions, which are broken up by category. There is no audience other than the judges for these auditions which can really affect the reception of an act. Here are the highlights from each genre:

Danger Acts

Brad Byers – Put a hook in his nose and pulled it through to his mouth then hooked that onto a cart and pulled his wife and Nick Cannon by his nose. He swallowed swords before and I’m glad he did something very different than that to show the range of his danger skills.

Alexandr Magala – Originally he swallowed a sword while breakdancing. This time he swallowed a sword and did acrobatics on a pole. It was a high tension moment and my favorite of the danger acts.

Sam Johnson – This was possibly the most terrifying act to watch. Sam doused his hat in gasoline, set it on fire, and then doused himself in gasoline and put the flaming hat on his head. I found this act really dark, almost too dark. It just seemed like a dumb thing to do. But it didn’t end there. He also unicycled on a tightrope and took off his hat when it got too hot. Oh, and he juggled flaming sticks.

Red Panda – The amazing bowl flipping unicyclist. She hurt her back days ago but she went through with her act anyway. About three bowls in and she messed up and missed a bowl but she recovered. After that she successfully flipped five bowls!

Music Groups

Forte – An opera threesome. One of the members from the first audition dropped out and they replaced him with someone even better! But seriously, why would you drop out after making it to Vegas on ‘AGT’?

Brandon and Savannah – In their first audition they performed an original song but this time they covered Of Monsters and Men’s ‘Little Talks’. When acts perform cover songs it is best when they really do something to make the song their own, but they didn’t do that. It sounded very similar to the original.

American Hitmen – The band of Marines played ‘House of the Rising Sun’. They were great but I don’t think they topped their first performance.

Kids Variety

2Unique – Last time these two did a mashup of two songs and this time they just performed ‘Party in the USA’. I really liked them but I wish they had kicked it up a notch from their first audition.

D’Angelo and Amanda – This twelve and thirteen year old dance duo gave, what I thought was, a flawless performance.

Ruby and Jonas – Ruby is D’Angelo’s little sister and the two are competing against each other.  These two dance the Tango. Ruby trips and falls but picks herself up like a pro. It was hard to watch as Ruby cried due to her mistake and it was so sweet how supportive her brother was. They still did amazing and I think they still have a shot.


Taylor Williamson – I’m not sure why they are making this guy audition again. I thought he was a shoo in for Radio City Music Hall. He did the best job of not letting the fact that there is only an audience of four get to him. He is very personable with the judges and is by far the best comic on the show. He had the judges laughing from the moment he went on stage. Although it is too early to say, he may be my top pick for the entire competition.

John Wing – This 53 year old comic also handled the room very well. He was confident and he paced himself. Him and Taylor are the best of the comedic performances, even more so than the two that were put through instantly.


The Hype –  In their first audition they impressed with a dance to ‘Singing in the Rain’ and I thought they impressed just as much this week but Howard Stern thought they were not nearly as good.

Kid the Wiz – He performs hat tricks in his dance. He dropped his hat once and that will probably hurt his chances. Plus the act is so small that it doesn’t seem like a million dollar act. He should have included props other than his hat. That may have made his art seem bigger.

Dancin’ Dylan – Another kid who includes humor in his act. On his shirt was a photo of a young Howie Mandel back when he had the big curly mane. It was very smart to appeal to the judges that way.


Tavi and Antonio –  They rubbed their chests together some more and didn’t do anything very different from their last audition.

Timber Brown – He performed on a pole in his first audition and did an amazing drop. This time he upped his performance by using two poles. He does great but perhaps most impressive is that his hat stayed on the whole time! By far the strongest in the category.

Kristef Brothers –  The only acrobatic team to try and include humor but that doesn’t matter when your act isn’t very impressive, especially compared to other acts like Timber Brown.

Female Vocalists

Deanna Dellacioppa- She made a big mistake. When her track began playing she didn’t sing because she said the track was too low. It would have been more impressive if she had rolled with the punches. Eventually she gave a good performance and I love that her emotion shows when she sings but it wasn’t as powerful as her first performance.

Skilyr Hicks – She sang another original song but she let her nerves get the best of her and her performance was shaky. It was sad to watch because she had so much talent.

Cami Bradley – Last time she sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ but she one-upped herself this time by performing ‘Summertime’. She not only sang but played the piano. My personal favorite of the female vocalists.

Well, overall that was exhausting. It is so hard to watch performers mess up in their Vegas audition. Vegas week continues tonight and we should get to seeing a performance from Aralyn and Isaiah, the performers of ‘Zombie Skin’, and I’m excited to see how that goes in front of an audience of four. Who are you most excited to see.

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