America’s Got Talent Semifinals Week Two Results

With so many good performances on Tuesday we arebound to see someone go home that we don’t want to. Here is the breakdown of the inevitable disapointment.

First off Fall Out Boy played ‘My Songs Know What You Did  in the Dark’ giving one of the better guest performances on ‘AGT’, although I”m sure all of the One Direction fans would disagree. Fall Out Boy’s favorite act is Collins Key which I don’t get considering his last performance.

The first three  acts to come forward were American Military Spouses Choir, Branden James, and Timber Brown. Branden James was the first of the night to be part of the top twelve, but  I’m disapointed that Timbber Brown is going home; his performances were both dangerous and beautiful.

The next two acts are the Chicago Boyz and Kristef Brothers. When I saw that both  of these  acts were  finding out their results together I was terrified that one would make it and not the other. It’s a relief that both are in the top twelve.

Previous contestants i Luminate came by Radio City to perform. They gave a really fun light dance performance. Have you noticed that we have had a couple of acts from past seasons perform, but no Olate Dog show, the winner of last year’s ‘AGT’?

Marty Brown and Jimmy Rose are the next two acts to step forward and thank goodness Jimmy Rose moves forward and Marty Brown is going home. If I had to pick one country act it would be J. Rose. Not to mention Marty should have been eliminated for his first live performance.

Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low, John Wing, and Kenichi Ebina step forward. Kenichi makes it, of course! He’s the best! I’m very disapointed to see John Wing go. I guess if I want a comic to win that leaves me with Taylor. However I really would have loved to see John Wing perform in the same night as Taylor.

The judges vote between the final two contestants, Anna Christine, and Deangelo and Amanda. Howard and Mel B vote for Anna, while Heidi and Howie vote for Deangelo and Amanda, leaving it to America’s vote. With only half a percent between them Deangelo and Amanda become members of the top 12. I’m surprised to see Anna go, but both acts, though kids, could compete against any adult in their field.

We finally have our top twelve acts. I’m most excited to see what Kenichi Ebina will bring next because he has yet to disapoint.Who can’t you wait to see next week?

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  1. I was pretty shocked Timber didn\’t make it. It was an absolute no-brainer that Kenichi would have been the one to advance. I too was sorry to see John Wing go.. I\’m SO glad the American Military Spouses choir didn\’t make it.Notice they\’d bring someone on from The Voice before putting The Olate Dogs on. :) I wonder if they were disappointed/embarrassed with the results last year? Howard Stern made no secret that he felt Tom Cotter was robbed.I can\’t wait to see Kenichi. I think I was a bit too hard on him Tuesday. I watched the act again Wednesday during the encore preshow and I loved it. I think I was SO blown away by his previous routine. But he deserves to win more than anyone else even though there are others I like.I HATE that Howie let it go to a tie, but I knew he would. They should just go to the America\’s vote every time and leave the judges out of it at this point anyway.

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