America’s Got Talent Semifinals Week Two Recap

Where last week’s performances made us ask ‘America’s got talent’? tonight’s episode declared it.

D’Angelo and Amanda – These two young dancers did not impress like they did in their previous performance. The first half of their performance, while showing skill, was not nearly as impressive, but, for some reason, when they jumped in water and did their routine while splashing it looked ten times more impressive. This should be a lesson to all dance acts: if you do your routine in some water, it’s instantly better.

Marty Brown – Marty Brown’s last performance was a disaster, but Marty compared himself to Rocky saying that he was going come back like Rocky Balboa did in Rocky II. He then went on to explain how Rocky lost in the first film, but in the second film he picked himself up and did great. Thank you for the recap of the Rocky films, Marty. Last night’s performance was much better than the previous one, but that doesn’t say much. His performance of Rascal Flatts’ ‘Bless the Broken Road’ was safe and, therefore, boring.

Chicago Boyz – From the people who brought you the human jump rope comes the human jump rope tower! In their last performance one of their members, who did many of the tricks, broke his leg, but the Chicago Boyz brought in a replacement and made this performance as exciting, if not more exciting, than the previous. Throughout the season the Chicago Boyz have upped themselves for every performance.

Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low – These two sped their act up a lot this week, but the number of tricks that they did in 90 seconds was more impressive than the tricks themselves. They were Howard’s wild card pick and Howie Mandel stood up to applaud his choice and then Howard and Howie kissed and by doing so they created the most awkward moment of any show ever. The judges enjoyed their act more than I did and I think that the judges’ enthusiasm may help them become finalists.

Anna Christine – Cami Bradley better watch out because Anna Christine is her biggest competition. With such a mature voice for her age she can stand up against any adult act in this competition.

Kenichi Ebina – Has Kenichi ever failed to impress? With the amount of work and precision that goes into each performance I doubt he will ever fail. Howie Mandel put it best by pointing out that Kenichi is everything. He is a comedian, a dancer, an illusionist, and an artist.

John Wing – John proves again that his set is more cohesive than any other comic in this competition. While I’m rooting for both Taylor Williamson and John Wing, John’s experience takes him a step above what Taylor does.

Branden James – Performing Heart’s ‘Alone’ in Italian was a very smart move and it sounded beautiful. But was he better than Forte last week? I don’t think so.

Kristef Brothers – Did these two just have a little ‘Arrested Development’ moment? They performed their strength act to the ‘Final Countdown’ and released a dove that fell to the ground. If that wasn’t a tribute to Will Arnett’s G.O.B. I don’t know what it was. During rehearsals a week earlier Kris fell and hurt his neck, but this week he came out with his brother, neck brace and all. They were funny and impressive and I will be shocked if they aren’t voted into the finals.

American Military Spouses Choir – Their last performance caused Mel B to tear up, but this week the choir got some mixed feedback from the judges. While Heidi loved them the other judges said that they were good, but compared to other singers in the competition they were not as impressive.

Timber Brown – I’m glad that Timber Brown gave us something with more energy and A little speedier. It shows the range that a dangerous act like this can have.

Jimmy Rose – I’ve said before that I don’t get country music, but was Jimmy better than Marty Brown tonight? Yes. Was he more impressive than many of the other acts? I don’t think so.

It was a spectacular night as many acts really stepped up their game. Six of these performers will become finalists tonight and I’m guessing that Chicago Boyz, Kenichi Ebina, Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low, and the Kristef Brothers will move forward. The other two spots could be anyone’s, however I’m hoping that Anna Christine and John Wing will make it. Who do you think will make through in tonight’s results show?

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  1. Here are my opinions :)

    D’Angelo and Amanda – I thought they were ok. The water definitely made it better and really caught me off guard.

    Marty Brown – I’m pretty pissed he’s still here, and last night’s performance didn’t change that for me. Yeah he did better, and I really like country music, but I didn’t care for his performance at all. I also resent that he’s a semi-pro.

    Chicago Boyz – I thought they were good, especially when they had 3 people stacked up and jumped. I don’t know that I want them to go on, but it was fun to watch.

    Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low – Loved the kiss between Howard and Howie, Howard and his wife, and Howie and Howard’s wife. LOL. I liked Leon and Romy, I think they did well. And I agree, I think Howard Stern was the only one who used his pick wisely. BOOTY had no chance, and Red Panda was kinda boring. And I can’t remember who else was brought back LOL

    Anna Christine – I really really like her. She has a great voice and I see big things ahead for her.

    Kenichi Ebina – I didn’t like this QUITE as much as his last one, but it was still really good. He wasn’t 100% accurate with the mirror so it wasn’t a very big reveal, unlike when MIchelle Chamuel did that on The Voice. But I still very much enjoyed the act, and yes he shows great versatility and creativity. He’s definitely in my top favourites to win.

    John Wing – I love this guy. Even though I find things funny, it’s not always easy to get me to laugh. I smile, I chuckle, but I was laughing out loud during this set. Even my son was surprised I was laughing so much. Among the comedians, as much as I like Taylor, I think John is my favourite.

    Branden James – I thought he was good. I liked the rendition of Alone. But yeah, I agree with you, Forte pretty much ruins it for everyone else as far as I’m concerned. I don’t normally listen to opera, but having multiple voices with harmony makes me like listening to it a lot more.

    Kristef Brothers – I totally agree with you here. I couldn’t stop smiling thinking of GOB. I liked them, and I thought it was funny how they showed the swords retracting. Was it an “accident”? I’m thinking no. Their talent isn’t sword swallowing, it’s acrobatics, and they threw that in as kind of a bonus of sorts.

    American Military Spouses Choir – I am SO GLAD Howie Mandel said what he did to Heidi (thought it made me think of Kanye interrupting Taylor.. Imma let you finish…) :) But he made a great point that people shouldn’t judge them based on the back story. I am so worried they’ll get a lot of votes based on patriotism rather than talent. We already have one person who doesn’t deserve to be there because of backstory (looking at you Marty Brown)

    Timber Brown – Not as entertaining as that globe thing he was using last week, but I liked him enough.

    Jimmy Rose – A very weak close. Why they chose him to close I don’t know, they usually end with a bang. Not a huge fan.

    So I’m HOPING for Kenichi (sure thing), John Wing, Anna Christine the most, then Timber, Leon and Romy, and Kristef Brothers.

  2. Thanks for commenting! The fourth wildcard was Duo Resonance.
    As far as what Howie said regarding the choir I agree that it was spot on. Talent is the most important thing here not who their husbands are. I think we learned last week that someone\\’s backstory will not earn votes through the entire competition hence Jonathan Allen not getting voted through.
    While Kenichi was not accurate through the entire act his it is very clear what he is going for and his ideas and innovation are unmatched in the competition. There are so many components and that is what really makes him impressive.
    I used to feel the same way about Chicago Boyz, but every time I see them perform I like them more. I the beginning I thought it was something for a street fair, but now I could see this growing into something bigger. I love the attention they are getting because this is a program that has the potential to effect kids around the world not to mention they are one of the few acts that continues to get better each week.

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