America’s Got Talent Semifinals Results Recap

Last night many acts took a step backwards, so the results weren’t too surprising. Here is the breakdown:

Cassadee Pope, the winner of season three of ‘The Voice’, came on the show to perform her single ‘Wasting All These Tears’. It was a perfectly adequate performance.

The first contestants to step forward are Innovative Force, Tone the Chiefrocca, and Red Panda. Innovative Force becomes a semifinalist. The only reason this is not surprising is that so many of the acts disappointed last night, which made them stand out, but ultimately they are a super fancy cheerleading group.

The next group up was Duo Resonance, Jonathan Allen, and Forte. Forte goes on and it is no surprise that they beat out Jonathan Allen who failed to bring it last night.

Angela Hoover, Taylor Williamson, and Collins Key stepped forward and Collins Key was announced as a finalist. This was disappointing considering how confusing and, quite frankly, boring his trick was last night. Taylor Williamson was also announced as a finalist. I always look forward to what he is going to bring us next.

Before the final two finalists are revealed One Direction performs ‘Best Song Ever’. One Direction is how I know I am no longer a member of the youth. I just don’t get them, but the hordes of screaming pre-teens in the audience seemed to love it and I think if they grouped up they could overpower me in a fight, so A+ to One Direction.

Howard Stern takes a moment to announce his wildcard pick, Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low. I was hoping someone would pick Mitsi Dancing School, but Mel B just had to waste her wildcard on Tone the Chiefrocca.

Back to the Results. With two spots left Dave Fenley, Catapult, and Cami Bradley step to the front of the stage. America voted Cami Bradley as our next finalist. The last spot is up to the judges, and it’s between Dave Fenley and Catapult. Mel B votes for Dave Fenley  while the other three judges vote for Catapult. Both of these acts have been favorites of mine, but I’m glad the vote went the way it did. First of all, there are a lot of music acts in this competition right now. And second, Catapult has been the most visually interesting acts throughout the show, and even if their story was weak last night at least they are attempting to include story.

Let us know what you thought of the results and Howard’s wildcard pick.

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