America’s Got Talent Semifinals Performances Recap

Tonight’s show was half great and half mediocre. Many acts failed to step up their game for the semi-finals and only a few stood out.

Tone the Chiefrocca – If you thought you would never see them again you thought wrong. Last week Mel B brought this act back as her wildcard act. They almost had me back on their team when they opened up with a choir singing their song, but after 20 seconds of that the song switched back to what it has always been, the load declaration of B-DOUBLE O-T-Y. If they didn’t earn their votes last time then I doubt they will this time around.

Red Panda – Red Panda was Howie’s choice for wildcard. You may remember that Red Panda was supposed to perform during the quarterfinals, but couldn’t due to a family emergency. This week Red Panda came back to flip some more bowls from atop her unicycle. This has always been an intense act to watch. She made all of the bowls but one land on top of her head, but despite the flub up the act is still an amazing thing to watch. All of the judges loved her except for Mel B because she had already seen it before. This coming from the woman who brought back Tone the Chiefrocca.

Angela Hoover – Angela Hoover is an amazing impressionist. This week she took on Arianna Huffington, Sharon Osbourne, Kourtney Kardashian, and Sofia Vergara and they were dead on impersonations. Though her material was better than it had been in the past I still thought it was lacking. There is no way her sets are funnier than John Wing’s or Taylor Williamson’s.

Duo Resonance – These two always bring the romance to their acrobatic/strength act and this week, like last week, was a beautiful, flawless performance.

Collins Key – Collins Key’s magic act this week was impressive, but felt flawed and clunky. Ultimately the trick was successful. Collins tried to find a date in the audience. Each of the judges picked something that the girl was wearing. Everyone in the audience had a card and one of those cards was designated as Collins’ date. She was brought to the stage and we found out that the judges guessed her clothing correctly. The problem with this is that I can’t help but think how easy it would have been to preplan this act by planting someone in the audience. The act was awkward and hard to follow.

Innovative Force – This acrobatic group has had better performances. A lot of things seemed off. However, halfway through the night and they were still one of the more entertaining acts at this point.

Dave Fenley – Dave makes what I think to be an excellent choice in song. He does an acoustic version of the Spice Girls’ ‘Say You’ll Be There, AND he beat boxes. I think it was very smart to play the Spice Girls card and he honestly made the song something good.

Taylor Williamson – He. Killed. It. During his last performance Heidi made mention that the act was not suitable for families and Taylor played to this throughout his whole act. Best act of the night.

Jonathan Allen – His weakest performance yet. The song was way out of his comfort zone and it was admirable that he tried to do something different, but it wasn’t successful.

Catapult – This shadow/dance act was beautiful as usual. What sets them apart from everyone else is that their act has a sense of whimsy. The judges make mention that the story was lacking compared to previous performances, but out of tonight’s performances, they are still one of the best.

Cami Bradley – ‘Fools Rush In’ has never sounded so beautiful and delicate, however I agree with Mel B, that I would love to see her really go all out with a song and bring us something with more of a punch.

Forte – What an amazing closing to the show. The performed ‘Unchained Melody’ and I was so proud that they avoided any and all ghosting.

My top picks are Forte, Taylor Williamson, Dave Fenley, and  Cami Bradley. I can’t believe I chose three music acts, but they all were amazing tonight. Who are your picks?

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