America’s Got Talent – Radio City Week 3 Recap

Two of the best acts yet performed tonight, but this episode had lots of things going for it: A dancing dog, a human jump rope, and Mel B nearly had a heart attack! Here is the breakdown:

Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show – This was an act that I think would have been dazzling in person, but watching a balloon, granted a beautiful balloon, fly above an audience that I’m not a part of is a little lack luster. They should have played a bit more to the at home audience and they could have done that with the acrobatics which were good and dangerous, but nothing that hasn’t seen before.

Chicago Boyz – This gymnastics group was really great. Heidi made mention that they took their 90 seconds and made good use of it, unlike the aerosphere act. There was always something really fun to look at. Not to mention they gave us the human jump rope again!

MitsiDancingSchool – By far this is the most beautiful act ‘AGT’ has offered all season. It is traditional chinese dance and for the first 30 seconds or so the most they did was move their arms. They were a human kaleidoscope. If this act doesn’t go on to the semi-finals I quit.

Kelsey and Bailey – The doggy dance act basically did what they did in their first audition.

Brandon and Savannah – This brother sister band chose the wrong song. They should leave ‘Radioactive’ to Imagine Dragons. What is disappointing is I think they would have been awesome with a different song.

Illusionist Leon Entienne and Romy Low – Can I just say ‘meh’ and leave it at that? This was a boring magic act until the end when Nick Cannon was revealed behind the curtain and the only reason that was entertaining was because it was NICK CANNON. Can they make a celebrity come out at the end of all of their acts? I don’t think so.

Deanna DellaCioppa – She has consistently been one of the strongest vocalists this season and didn’t fail us tonight. She has been known to lose control of her emotions while performing, but tonight Deanna kept it together while still making an emotional connection with the audience. As Mel B said, ‘Flawless.’

Dave ‘The Cobra Kid’ Weathers – In his first audition the Cobra Kid had an extremely dangerous snake pop a balloon that he held in his mouth. I had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to take that act to another level and tonight all he did was wrangle a snake. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t do it, but how many snakes can you watch one man wrangle? The best part was when Howie threw a fake snake at the judges and they leapt out of their seats. Mel B did not think this was funny and it looked like the producer of ‘AGT’ was not too happy either.

Jonathan Allen – Jonathan switched from Opera to a Broadway classic, ‘The Impossible Dream’ which I think was a good move. A Broadway song may broaden his fan base. There are just so many strong acts in this category that it is hard to say who is best. His backstory of being shut out by his family due to his sexual orientation do make his story one that people can connect with and that could help him pull in votes.

Kenichi Ebina – This is the second time tonight that I have been blown away! I have loved Kenichi and his ‘dance-ish’ act since day one, as have many others, and he did not disappoint in the least. He danced along with a pre-recorded, video game themed backdrop and he performed all of the characters in the video. It was funny, there was a story, and there were dance moves that amazed me. All four judges gave him a standing ovation and Howie said that Kenichi should win this competition, which is a HUGE endorsement.

Jim Meskimen – Jim is another impersonator whose material is lacking, although I do think he is a step up from Angela Hoover. Compared to other comedy acts that we have seen in past auditions, like Taylor Williamson, he just doesn’t match up. Material is key. That being said, everyone one of his impressions is dead on. Also, his mom is Marion Ross from ‘Happy Days’! Hooray for TV fun facts!

American Military Spouses Choir – Choirs have a way of connecting with audiences. I think it has something to do with a large group of people coming together for the same purpose and working together. I realize how corny that is, but I found myself really engaged emotionally, even more so than during Deanna’s performance. I’ve expressed mixed feelings about choirs in this competition in that most of them just aren’t unique enough, however their performance of Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ gave me chills.

It was an incredible night for ‘AGT’. MitsiDancingSchool and Kenichi Ebina are shoo-ins for the semi-finals as these were the two most visually interesting acts we have seen the entire competition. Deanna DellaCioppa or Jonathan Allen will make it through and possibly both of them will. Let me know who you hope to see make it to the semi-finals!

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