America’s Got Talent – Radio City, Night 1 Recap

‘AGT’ is finally live and the acts are really put to the test. This episode was actually exciting because the judges often differed in opinion. The show kicked off with the introduction of the judges and a performance by the Rockettes whose home has been Radio City Music Hall for years. Let’s see how the rest of the acts take to NYC’s historic stage.

Anna Christine – It was a rough start for Anna Christine. She sounded a bit shaky while singing and playing “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” She still managed to show off her voice. After her performance she said she couldn’t hear the track so her timing was a little off. The judges all loved her nonetheless.

Tellavision – I thought this was a big step up from their audition. What I like about this dance group is that they tell a story and have the captivating, visual element on the moving television screens, which certainly makes it unique. I wish, and Heidi and Howard Stern made mention of this, that they showed off their dance moves more. The screens are what is visually interesting, but I think the dance itself should outshine the television element.

American Hitmen – Performing “Get By With a Little Help” I thought was a really great choice for this band and it was a very powerful performance. It’s a song that has a lot of relatable emotion in it. That being said, in their intro video one of the members said that they were the embodiment of American rock and roll, but then played a song by the Beatles.

Special Head – I wish Special Head would just call himself a magician. We know that he isn’t actually altering the matter of his body, especially when a cloud of smoke appears in front of him before he disappears. Then on a large screen on stage we saw that Special Head was outside standing on Radio City Music Hall. He looked out of breath as though he had just run up the stairs to get there. Overall it wasn’t particularly impressive.

Fresh Faces – This group of kids danced to ‘I Love It (I Don’t Care)’. It was good and they are talented, but they aren’t anything super unique. Also their ‘fresh faces’ had an awful lot of makeup on.

Collins Key – MAGIC! Collins had each judge tweet a word. The words were ‘prancing’, ‘NYC’, ‘Brad Pitt’, ‘Tuchas’. Above the stage was a locked box and rolled up inside was a paper that said each of those words. It was very impressive and I think it was smart to use twitter in his magic act so even people at home feel included. All of the judges loved him and so did I. I think he will consistently be one of the best magic acts this season on ‘AGT’.

Kevin Downey Jr. – I love to root for stand up acts and ultimately I like this guy. I like that he has a character and quirky and different. I do think his material could be a little stronger. While I enjoyed his act I think that many people won’t enjoy his brand of comedy.

Aaralyn and Izzy – Should Aaralyn and Izzy win this competition? Probably not, there are many acts that exhibit more talent than these two. What do they have going for them? Original songs that were actually written by the kid. They also have a shock factor. No one expects the cute, little girl to scream her heart out. I don’t think the judges should go easy on these two just because they are kids, but I do think they should be judged differently than they were. Howie and Howard handled these two the best (even though Howard buzzed them during their performance). They were simply honest about what this act is: a novelty. Howard thinks the America shouldn’t vote for them because they are a gimmick, while Howie thinks that it is likely that America will vote for them based on the number of youtube views they’ve gotten. Heidi and Mel B I thought didn’t handle the judging so well. Mel B said that the sound is so shocking and she wishes Aaralyn would just sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle.’ Heidi just mentioned that she was scared and didn’t actually give an opinion on them at all. That is kind of what you’re there for Heidi. But why should they just perform ‘Twinkle Twinkle’? Shouldn’t the judges be encouraging these kids to continue in the art that they love opposed to conforming to what ‘most people’ think little kids should be doing? Howie is the only judge that is team Aaralyn and Izzy, because they are truly different than any other musical act on this show. Also, can someone give Izzy some attention? Maybe compliment his drumming skills or something?

Alexandria the Great – Our lady Houdini of the show! She wore a straight jacket while in a box of water and she had 90 seconds to escape. It was a very intense moment of the show and I found myself holding my breath with her in anticipation. Howard Stern decided to give Heidi and Mel B advice by telling them they should wear a bathing suit just like Alexandria’s. There is Howard’s weekly obligatory flirt!

The Kristef Brothers – This was, surprisingly, the best act of the night. I was not a huge fan of these guys in the beginning, but they have proven that they can combine humor with acrobatics. This is the only act that I don’t doubt that we will be seeing again.

Hype – Hype caught some flack from the judges for their performance being good but not great. Their act needed more punch and a big finish. I do love the blending of styles with some classical dance and some hip hop. They have a modern Fred Astaire feel. I still love them, however I do wish they left a bit more of an impression.

Branden James – I struggle with opera so much! He is very, very, very good and he has a strong and touching personal backstory that makes him even more likable. That being said, I’m just not into the opera performances. Everyone of the judges loved his as did everyone in the audience.

Only four of these twelve acts will continue on and I think the Kristef Brother’s will be on top along with Collins Key, Tellavision, and possibly Branden James, although it’s really hard to say. Let us know who you voted for!

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