America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals Week 5 Results

A lot went down tonight on ‘AGT’. Here is the breakdown:

Train came by Radio City Music Hall along with Ashley Monroe to sing the song ‘Bruises’. I really wish we could get the judges to judge the guest acts. There would have been four ‘X’s within 20 seconds. Ashley Monroe practically whispered the lyrics. She would have been better off being replaced by last night’s Selena MyKenzie Gordon.

Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, Dave Fenley, and Selena MyKenzie Gordon stepped forward first. Of the three Dave Fenley becomes the first semi finalist of the night. I’m a big fan of Dave when it comes to the music acts. The Chorale is going home and this isn’t a surprise. I think choirs give a really powerful performance in person, but for the millions of people watching at home it doesn’t deliver the same punch. Selena’s performance was rough yesterday so it’s no big surprise that she is going home.

The next four up are 2Unique, Sam Johnson, Catapult, and Melody Caballero. Of these acts Catapult is announced as a semi finalist. I mean, of course they are a semi finalist! They have been one of the best acts of the competition and the judges agree.

Last year’s runner up Tom Cotter performs some standup which was very funny, but I think this season’s John Wing may be just as good, if not better.

‘AGT’ plays big time into the sibling rivalry and brings out D’Angelo and Amanda, and Ruby and Jonas. D’Angelo and Amanda make it and Ruby broke down in tears. When Nick Cannon asked D’Angelo how he felt to be a semifinalist D’Angelo said that it was tough because his sister didn’t make it through. He feels worse for his sister opposed to being thrilled that he’s a semi finalist. Too sweet.

The final three come up, Sprice, John Wing, and Duo Resonance, and since there is only one more spot Nick Cannon first announces who is going home. Sprice gets the cut which is unfortunate, but Sprice needed to spice it up a bit.

It came down to John Wing and Duo Resonance, both of which were very strong acts. The judges voted between the two. Heidi voted for Duo Resonance, Howie’s vote went to John Wing, Mel B voted for John Wing and Howard voted for John Wing. John Wing is a semi finalist, but as Nick Cannon congratulates John, Heidi says that she wants to pick Duo Resonance as her wildcard. Duo Resonance is very well deserving of a wildcard pick, but if I were John Wing I would probably be thinking “‘if the vote had gone the other way would I have gotten a wildcard pick?”

Mel B decided to announce her wildcard pick too, because apparently no one is running this show anymore, and she chose Tone the Chiefrocca. That’s right, some B-DOUBLE-O-T-Y. Of all of the acts that have talent this is who Mel B insists on bringing back. Ok, the act is admittedly hilarious, but for how long? What’s next? Is Howie gonna bring back Tummy Talk?

Let us know what you thought of the wildcard picks tonight and who you hope gets picked next week.

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  1. I was really happy and surprised John Wing made it. I loved when Howard Stern admitted Tom Cotter was robbed last year. He was! Otherwise why not bring that dog act back to perform? I expected a tie between Heidi and Mel vs Howard and Howie since Duo’s act was so romantic.I do think it was planned to use 2 of the wildcards because I remember Nick announcing that 2 acts would be saved and I was confused thinking that wouldn’t each judge get one? It did look spontaneous though. I\’m getting the feeling not everything is as unplanned as it seems. I still love the show though.

    • Thanks for commenting! It’s odd that Nick Cannon would announce that two acts would be saved, but then play the whole thing out as though it was spontaneous. I don’t doubt that to a certain extent the votes at the end are a bit planned (this week it seemed like Howard stalled his vote for the perfect amount of time), but they should make sure that it at least feels unplanned. It takes a lot of the joy out when the judge’s opinions feel staged.

      • Yeah something seems a bit off about that to me. I also think back to the first time or two when there was a tie in the judge’s votes between 4th and 5th place and there was enough time to go to the voting results comfortably. But then the last time there was a tie, a stagehand came running out and they rushed through the result.

        Oh well, such is live TV and time constraints I guess. :)

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