America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals Week 5 Performances

Tonight’s show had some really amazing performances, and was one of the best nights of the quarter finals as there were only a couple of acts that were lackluster. Here is the breakdown:

Virginia State University Gospel Chorale – That’s right! They aren’t a choir, they’re a chorale. Chorale’s are cooler I think. They performed Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ which is an interesting choice for a gospel group, but nonetheless they were talented. However, they keep mentioning how different they are for a gospel chorale, but I don’t think they have proven that.

Melody Caballero – Red Panda, the unicycling bowl flipper, was not able to do the show for personal reasons so Melody Caballero was her replacement. Melody, a ten year old contortionist, only had a week to prepare her act. She balanced herself on her mouth! She can put her butt on her head! Ok, we already saw her do those things in Vegas, but it truly is amazing to watch.

Dave Fenley – I couldn’t think of anything bad to say about Dave’s performance even if I wanted to. He performed Ray Lamontagne’s ‘Trouble’.  His bluesy, raspy voice is unique and unique is the most important quality to have in this competition.

2Unique – Unfortunately just putting ‘unique’ in your name does not make you a top performer. I really, really want to like these two kids. They performed Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’ and MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ while surrounded by a bunch of people dancing which visually drowned out the two performing kids. I agree with the judges, they should have kept it simple with just the two of them on stage, especially considering how much personality they seem to have.

San Johnson – Outside Radio City Music Hall, 80 feet in the air, Sam Johnson stood on a pole that swayed back and forth, but his act didn’t end there. The pole dropped down like pendulum and so did my stomach. Ultimately, acts like this don’t leave a lasting impression. Yes, he is doing something I would never have the guts to do, but after watching it I can’t help but think, ‘so what?’.

Duo Resonance – Howie Mandel did an excellent job of describing this act: “It was like porn for the whole family.” And if you watch this act you kind of get what he means. It was extremely romantic as this couple glided on the floor and contorted their bodies beautifully together. See, it even sounds kind of erotic. This strength act got a lot of kudos from the judges and have a good chance of continuing to the semifinals.

D’angelo and Amanda – These two were flawless. They performed an intense dance that looked extremely complicated. There was so much emotion behind the dance that these kids somehow made come to life. How do these kids understand all of the emotions in order to perform them so well!?! We will have to see how D’ Angelo compares to his little sister Ruby.

Selena MyKenzie Gordon – Poor Selena. She performed ‘What Hurts the Most’ by Rascal Flatts and she was way off. I remember her being so great in her first audition, but I doubt we will see her perform on this show again.

John Wing – Standup is the category I get most excited about in this competition and John Wing is clearly a seasoned professional. I can’t help but compare him to Taylor Williamson, who we all know I love, but John Wing had a lot more confidence on stage and his material was a bit more cohesive. He was excellent and I hope that he continues forward.

Sprice – By far the most unique act on ‘AGT’. His Rube Goldberg machine let off fireworks and it was mesmerizing to watch. If he could make this act even bigger it would be a great Vegas act.

Ruby and Jonas – D’angelo’s little sister Ruby and her partner Jonas bring their ‘A’ game, but in comparison to her older brother the overall act doesn’t quite match up. Perhaps if Ruby and Jonas had performed before D’angelo and Amanda I wouldn’t have thought that. D’angelo and Amanda were just more sophisticated and elegant.

Catapult – ‘AGT’ saved the best for last. Catapult’s shadow dance act was beautiful. In their first audition and in tonight’s performance story was present and played just as important a role as the dance itself. All of the judges gave Catapult a standing ovation.

It is going to be hard to watch the results show tomorrow night. It is inevitable that we are going to see some people go home that we don’t want to. Catapult, without a doubt, will continue forward along with Dave Fenley. After that it is really hard to decipher who America will vote for. My hope is that John Wing goes through, and maybe Duo Resonance. Let us know which act was your favorite!

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  1. My favourites by far were John Wing, Sprice and Catapult. It’s hard for me to judge who is funnier between John Wing and Taylor Williamson, but I find John Wing is a stronger persona and he had me laughing out loud where I don’t always, even when I find things funny. I love Rube Goldberg machines and Sprice definitely builds good ones. It’s unique admit the flood of singers, dancers and danger acts. And I love acts that tell a story through visuals such as Catapult (and Tellavision, etc). So if I had to choose my 4 acts to go on they would be John Wing, Sprice, Catapult and… um… not really sure, nobody else really stands out for me. I have to say I found Sam Johnson’s act not that exciting, maybe you need to see it in person. I liked 2Unique’s music medley. But really I can’t think of a 4th I feel that strongly about.

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