America’s Got Talent Live from Radio City Week Two

This week there were few acts that stepped up their game and some even went down a few notches. Here is the breakdown:

Innovative Force – This dance group did more than dance, they gave a very intense and dramatic performance that clearly showed skill. It is the kind of act that fills up a huge stage and not only did they fill the width of the stage, but also the height as they impressively threw kids in the air most of the way through. However, this act has a bit of  a Cirque Du Soleil feel, which could work for them or against them since we have seen things like it before.

Ciana Pelekai – Not her strongest performance as she sang Emilie Sande’s ‘Next To Me’. It didn’t show off her vocals nearly enough. The judges made mention that her performance would have been better if it was just her and a guitar on stage and I couldn’t agree more. All of the bells and whistles drowned her out. This being said, if she makes it through tomorrow night, Anna Christine will have some good competition when it comes to vocalists.

Alexandr Magala – Not as impressive as his Vegas audition but it did seem dangerous and there were some moments that were visually impressive while also being hard to watch. The act didn’t go perfectly, possibly because he had injured himself while practicing earlier in the week, but it is interesting to know how easily an injury can occur. The judges all loved it and of all of the performances tonight his was certainly the most different.

Struck Boyz – I feel like these boys, ages 8-11, are the boy version of Fresh Faces. They are very talented, but not original enough. And ultimately Howard was right, they are creepy. They should not be behaving all sexy, they are kids!

Brad Byers – With two danger acts Brad Byer’s performance paled in comparison to Magala’s, which was much more showy and dramatic. It was impressive that an ATV rolled over him while he rested on a bed of nails, but the lack of showmanship, as the judges pointed out, really made his performance feel pointless.

Kid the Wiz – I really like Kid the Wiz. I think he is talented and I love his personality. I was surprised that the stage didn’t swallow him up and I think he stepped up his game big time since Vegas, but essentially a hat trick is exactly what it sounds like. It’s just not a million dollar act.

Forte – These tenors gave a beautiful performance of ‘Somewhere’ that Mel B called too dramatic, but I have never heard that song performed without it sounding over the top emotional. I surprisingly loved it, I just wish they would perform a song that I wouldn’t expect from a tenor group and adapt it to their style.

Angela Hoover – The first half on Angela’s act was very funny. Her impressions of Mel B and Heidi were dead on and she was very funny, but her second half was a Christina Aguilera bit that was not very strong. Her material is lacking and I don’t think her impressions alone will carry her to the semifinals.

Dave Shirley – His goal was to be funny during his performance, but he missed the mark. If you don’t remember, Dave Shirley uses large screens in his act with pre-recorded bits. For instance in his first audition when he stepped behind the screen he looked like Howard Stern. He combines this trick with dance, but tonight he was not precise enough.

Marty Brown – Oh no! He was off pitch. It was rough. He had a whole band accompany him, but this was another performance that I wish was simplified. It should have been just him and his guitar on stage. I doubt we’ll be seeing Marty Brown as a semi-finalist.

Aquanuts – This synchronized swimming team was incredibly impressive, but I just don’t think it’s the kind of act that draws audiences, especially since it is usually most dazzling when viewed from an aerial view.

Tone the Cheifrocca – B-DOUBLE O-T-Y! I hate how catchy this is. I hate that they were one of the more entertaining acts of the night. I don’t think they should win, but I think they have a shot at becoming semifinalists and every judge loved them.

I think Forte and Alexandr Magala are likely to continue through. They showed the most talent and seem to have great reactions from the judges. The other two spots are iffy and overall it was a disappointing show. Who would you like to see continue on?

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