America’s Got Talent Finals Week 1 Recap

Chicago Boyz – Unfortunately Chicago Boyz didn’t bring us anything new or special. They messed up in the first part of their performance and there wasn’t one part of their performance that I thought ‘wow, I’ve never seen that before!’

Branden James – The judges loved Branden’s song choice of ‘Hallelujah’, but that is a song that I  have heard so many different versions of and his performance did not stand out. Also, the use of the fog machine and all of the lasers was, visually, an odd choice to go with this song. What did he, come from the future?  Thanks goodness the lasers came from behind his head opposed to in front

Innovative Force – So we open up on a purple iceberg, possibly from the same future as Branden James.  I always forget about Innovative Force, perhaps because they remind me too much of the ‘Sparkle Motion’ dance group from ‘Donnie Darko’. Tonight they still felt a bit too much like cheerleaders. Very good cheerleaders, but not ‘headlining Vegas act’ cheerleaders.

Kristef Brothers – They are going pump *clap* you up!  This was not my favorite performance of the Kristef brothers. Their tricks are still amazing to watch, but I know we have seen them be funnier. I was waiting for a big finish and they didn’t deliver. They are still one of the best acts in the competition and all of the judges seemed to love it.

D’Angelo and Amanda –  Wow. Was I supposed to take LSD before I watched this?  I think Amanda was dressed as a bird and a then a burst of psychedelic light shot out of my television set. Their skill was on point, but a lot of moves were repeated and it felt like all of their other performances.

Catapult Entertainment – Always visually captivating and their story about bullying was much stronger than their story in the previous performance. The first act of the night to truly impress.

Forte – I think normally I would roll my eyes at someone singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ operatically on this show, but this performance was actually powerful and not cheesy. They do a great job of taking songs we know well and switching it up in some sort of extreme way and in this case they changed the language of song, singing it in Italian. Doing so makes the act fun without sacrificing the integrity of the vocals.

Taylor Williamson – All of the judges really enjoyed Taylor except for Mel B, but the other judges wouldn’t let her get a word in so hopefully she didn’t influence any voters. I really enjoyed Taylor’s act and we need a comedy act in the final six!

Collins Key – Well he gave us another drawn out, boring magic trick. This was his chance to speed things up and he blew it. That being said I think he has a lot of fans, especially the ladies, which  has pulled him through in the past and that may happen again.

Kenichi Ebina – Another amazing performance from Kenichi. He showed his range by giving his act a serious edge opposed to his usual humor filled dance act. He should absolutely be in the final six.

Jimmy Rose – The judges debated over whether or not Jimmy blew them away. For me it was just another country performance, but America loves country and I could see him getting the votes despite some of the judges not feeling wowed.

Cami Bradley – Best version of “Livin’ on a Prayer’ ever. Period.

It is not difficult to pick who I think should be in the final six: Kenichi Ebina, Kristef Brothers, Cami Bradley, Forte, Catapult Entertainment, and Taylor Williamson. All of these acts have a special twist to their performances, something that makes them unique. These are, by far, the acts that show the most talent. I can see JImmy Rose, Collins Key, or Branden James possibly edging their way in and getting the votes, however they were not the most deserving acts of the night. Who do you want to see perform in the final six?

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  1. I’m late my reply, I know :)

    Basically my favourite acts of the night were Forte, Kenichi, Cami, Taylor and Catapult.

    I love how Kenichi brought it down. I love Forte, I don’t love Celine, so I didn’t love the song, but they still sing well. Taylor is just funny as anything. I am not sure if I liked him or John Wing better, so I’m glad at least one of them made it so far. Catapult was much better this time. And Cami is just fantastic.

    Something looked funny with Collins’ act. I’m pretty sure he didn’t use the bag Howard Stern called out. And he was pretty vague in choosing bags through the whole act. Didn’t look as convincing as his past acts.

    The rest are ok, except for Jimmy Rose who I think is being carried by his backstory. I like country a lot. Jimmy just doesn’t really do it for me. I know when I like a good country singer (e.g. from last season’s The Voice). I didn’t really care for any of the country singers on AGT this season.

    I also found Kristef’s act a bit confusing with the other 2 couples in the background. I know what they were going for. It was ok, kinda funny, but again not one of my favourite acts.

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