America’s Got Talent Finale Performances Recap

Tonight on ‘AGT’ each finalist performed twice. For their first performance they were supposed to take one of their previous acts and amp it up. Their second performance was something that they hadn’t done on the show before. Here is the breakdown:

1st Performance:

Jimmy Rose – J. Rose performed the song that he first played for us, an original song. I’m glad he made sure he got his original song in one more time so we get to hear something original and his take on something more familiar.

Kenichi Ebina – Kenichi really pumped up his original audition by showing us the same head dropping moves with some new effects thrown in. It was great to see how his simple audition could be ramped up into something so much more.

Cami Bradley – She Performed her version of ‘Believe’ again which is a beautiful rendition, but she didn’t really do much to change her performance from the first time she sang this song.

Collins Key – Collins performed a trick based on his original audition, but the only thing that was similar about these tricks was that they were both close up magic tricks. His trick still felt slow and I wasn’t sure when it was over. I often feel like his tricks are anticlimactic.

Forte – They performed Josh Groban’s song ‘Prayer’ again, but what made this performance so much better was the set and addition of the choir, but not necessarily Forte themselves.

Taylor Williamson – Taylor was very open about how worried he was to have to repeat old jokes while trying to top his previous performance, but no one was more successful at kicking their act up a notch than Taylor Williamson. With a choir delivering punch lines and unnecessary fireworks at the end he had me laughing uncontrollably.

2nd Performance:

Cami Bradley – I’m glad Cami Bradley did a bit of a faster paced song with her rendition of ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’. She is adorable and has a beautiful voice and a talent for re-arranging the songs we love. She has a great shot at taking the competition.

Collins Key – While Collins’ performance was quicker this time there is still something missing from his act. He never seems to have a big finish to his tricks, there is no finality.

Jimmy Rose – Jimmy performed Garth Brooks’ song ‘The Dance’ and his performance didn’t have anything special. He seems to only perform songs that he is comfortable with. What is great about Cami Bradley is that she takes songs and makes them her own, but Jimmy Rose seems to just do straight covers .

Taylor Williamson – I was worried that Taylor wouldn’t be able to top his previous performance of the night and I was right. This set was not as funny,  but every time he kills it with the judges which shows how naturally funny he really is.

Kenichi Ebina – This was not Kenichi’s strongest performance, however he still showed his range of skill and creativity. I think the main reason this performance was not as impressive is because he has been so impressive in the past he just can’t top himself.

Forte – There was absolutely nothing wrong with Forte’s performance, but it was just another opera performance and ultimately forgettable.

Taylor and Kenichi are most definitely my top picks for winning the competition. I’m hoping something other than a music act wins, but they make up half of the finalists so that could be tricky. If I must choose between Taylor and Kenichi I would go with Taylor. His first performance tonight was one of the funniest moments of the entire season, plus he has been consistently funny throughout all of his performances. Even though we have heard Howie explain forty times that stand up comedy is really difficult, I’ll say explain it again. Taylor is just one person alone on stage with their act and to make an audience as as large as the one in Radio City laugh is a feat that shows that he can easily handle his own Vegas show.

Who do you hope to see win tomorrow night?

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