America’s Got Talent Results Week 4

This week the Result show did much less dilly dallying than it did last week and it jumped into results pretty quickly. Here are the details:

Okay there is some dilly dallying. First up we take a look back at what one of the auditioners from way, way back is up to. You may remember Al Harris as the prop comic that wouldn’t leave the stage and today he does the same thing, but at nursing homes. The more you know.

Hey, some results! That was pretty quick for this show.  Robotix, Sensetion, Tummy Talk, and David Ferman were first on the chopping block. Of those four no one continues on. This is no surprise. All of these acts were average or below (I’m looking at you Tummy Talks).

We take a break from results to watch the Backstreet Boys perform. First they did a new song, “In a World Like This”, but let’s face it, everyone was waiting for “I Want It That Way”. I admit that it was fun to be nostalgic for a minute. The performance itself was meh. I mean aren’t boy bands supposed to have super awesome choreographed routines? It’s not like they are playing any instruments. All they have to do is hold their microphone and dance. Instead they all just stood in their own space and rocked back and forth to the music a bit (actually, looking back at some older music videos of theirs, rocking back and forth may be the best they have to offer when it comes to dance.)

Ok. From here on out it’s all results!

Cami Bradley and 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra stepped forward. Cami Bradley was the first semi finalist of the night! She reimagined Cher’s ‘Believe’ last night and did so beautifully. I can’t wait to see what she will bring us next. I’m disappointed to see 3Penny go home. Orchestral versions of pop songs was an awesome idea and I wish I could see more.

Aerial Ice, Jimmy Rose, and Champions Forever stepped forward and Jimmy Rose becomes a semi finalist. I am surprised to see Aerial Ice go. They were one of the more visually stunning acts of the night. However, I was not shocked to see Jimmy Rose continue forward. America loves country music. I am an outlier. The unicycling family, Champions Forever are going home for reasons that I attribute to a lack of bowl flipping a la Rong Niu/Red Panda.

The three acts left are Timber Brown, Chloe Channel, and Taylor Williamson. Timber Brown was made a semi finalist! He had one of the strongest performances last night, perhaps only second to Cami Bradley. I mean he spun around in the air and he did it a bunch without vomiting!

Now down to the final two and the judges vote. Could you get more different than Chloe Channel and Taylor Williamson? This was one of the most tense voting moments on the show for me. I felt bad rooting against a kid so much, but Taylor has been strong throughout the whole competition. Heidi votes for Chloe, which is not a shocker since she doesn’t want to take her kids to see Taylor. Howie votes for Taylor. Howard votes for Taylor. This leaves everything in the hands of Mel B. It felt like it took forever for her to say her vote and there were literally seconds left in the show. Finally she says she votes for Chloe. It’s a tie (the third tie of the season). This means it is up to America’s votes and they voted for Taylor Williamson!

Many of my hopes and dreams did come true! Three of my four favorites from last night made it through. Next week Sprice will bring Radio City Music Hall a Rube Goldberg Machine and a brother and sister go head to head!

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