AGT Quarterfinals Week 4 Performances

3Penny Chorus and Orchestra – This group memorably performed ‘Call Me Maeby’ in their first audition and this week they tackled Taylor Swifts ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’. I prefer the 3Penny Chorus’ version to the original, but somehow their performance was not as good as the first time and I can’t quite pinpoint why. Perhaps it is because, like Howie Mandel said, the element of surprise is gone.

Chloe Channell – She was good, that is all. She has an amazing voice, especially for a kid, and I think her song choice, The Band Perry’s ‘Done’, showed off her voice, but all of her movements seemed very rehearsed and lackluster. Mel B was right when she said to her that if she gets through to the next round, ‘you should just get on stage and do you.’ Also, it’s country music and I just don’t get it.

Champions Forever – This family of unicyclists bored me. Rong Niu can flip bowls while on a unicycle. Let’s get this family training for some bowl flipping NOW!

Sensetion – This 3D mapping dance group was a dud. I don’t know if it’s because my mind is still blown by Kenichi’s dance act from last week and comparatively everything else seems lame, but their technology was more interesting than the dance itself.

The Robotix – A group of kids played Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ and it was good, not great. Unfortunately ‘good, not great’ seems to be a theme tonight. Hopefully someone can give us great.

Timber Brown – That was great! I can’t even explain it. He spun around a lot in the air, but really elegantly. I have no words, it was just cool. It was really the best acrobatic act yet and I will be surprised if he does not go through to the semifinals.

Cami Bradley – I could listen to Cami Bradley’s version of Cher’s ‘Believe’ over and over again. Before she came on stage I wasn’t very excited for her performance, but once she started singing I got goosebumps! She gave new meaning to a song that everyone knows.

Tummy Talk – They slapped on the fat guy’s tummy again and added instruments. It was not entertaining.

Taylor Williamson – My absolute favorite comedy act of the competition. He was a little nervous and it showed a bit, but his jokes are hilarious. Here are some one liners: “Ugly older women should be called Freddie Cougar”, “This homeless man has been keeping up with the news. Someone has been reading his blanket!”, and “Best part about dating a blind person? You don’t have to worry about them seeing other people?” I imagine that it’s hard to convey a sense of what your comedy act is in 90 seconds, but I think he did well. Not to mention he has great banter with the judges, so there isn’t a moment he isn’t trying to make people laugh. Heidi thought his act wasn’t appropriate enough and she wouldn’t be able to take her kids to see him. Is the goal of this show to entertain Heidi’s kids?

Aerial Ice – This group ice-skated on plastic again! Is it still called ice skating? Polyoxymethylene skating? In all seriousness, it was a beautiful performance and they have a large appeal to all kinds of audiences. They have a lot of potential for a for a Vegas show.

David Ferman – I don’t think this guy ever does anything that couldn’t kill him. He juggled flaming balls upside down over a barrel. If he dropped one of those balls into the barrel flames would come bursting from said barrel and all over David. The act itself was quick. He spent too much time explaining the act and not enough time performing it.

Jimmy Rose –  Oh boy. Another country music act. Actually he did one thing that was smart:  Jimmy Rose took ‘Heaven’, by DJ Sammy, and made it something different and I think it is always interesting to hear songs change genres. Ultimately the performance didn’t have quite enough punch for me, but if Marty Brown can make it through perhaps America’s love of country music will pull Jimmy Rose to the semifinals too.

If all my hopes and dreams could come true the four semifinalists would be Timber Brown, Taylor Williamson, Cami Bradley, and 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra. However, I think Aerial Ice may beat the orchestra and I think America really loves Jimmy Rose. Who makes your cut for semifinals?

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