AGT Live, Week 2 Results

This results show actually had some shocking moments tonight and once you get past all of the ‘Smurfs 2’ promos it was a pretty entertaining night.

We started out with a performance by Robin Thicke which was sufficient. I don’t know, I’m not a fan, but people seemed to like it so I’m sticking with ‘sufficient’.

In a pre-recorded bit Howie Mandel gave tours of Radio City Music Hall while disguised as an usher. So that stalled us 5 minutes or so while we waited for the results.

Hey! Some results!

The first three acts to step forward were Innovative Force, Struck Boyz, and Aquanuts. Innovative Force is the only act to move on to the semifinals. They gave one of the most visually interesting acts last night so this is not a surprise. Aquanuts were hard to imagine as a show someone must see in person so I’m not . The Struck Boyz made me uncomfortable and I just can’t support possible, future incarnations of Jersey Shore cast members.

The next three acts up were Brad Byers, Kid the Wiz, and Dave Shirley. None of these acts continue on and, while I’m not surprised, I kind of wish Kid the Wiz moved forward because he really stepped up his game.

We now interrupt these results with a performance by Brad Paisley. He put on a show that Marty Brown should have given last night. It makes me want to cry when I think about how terrible Marty’s performance went. I can’t move on.

Speaking of Marty Brown he is part of the next three acts to step forward, along with Alexandr Magala, and Ciana Pelekai. This was the most shocking moment of the night. Marty Brown IS A SEMIFINALIST. After his incredibly hard to watch performance America still voted for him. Almost just as shocking, Alexandr Magala and Ciana Pelekai are sent home. Ciana and Alexandr gave better performances than him, but there is something really likable about that Marty.

The final three acts were Forte, Angela Hoover, and Tone the Chiefrocca. Forte is voted out. This leaves one more space open and it’s between Angela and Tone and it’s the judges choice. Heidi votes for Tone, Mel B gives her vote to Angela, Howie goes with Tone, due to Angela’s weak material, and Howard, despite giving her a hard time last night, votes for Angela leaving us with a tie. AGAIN! So it is America’s votes that decides between the two and America votes Angela Hoover. This was surprising seeing as her material really was weak and everyone seemed to love B-DOUBLE -O-T-Y. Sorry, but I had to type it out, this could be the last chance I ever have to do that. Ultimately, I’m very excited to see a female comedian continue through, I just hope she’s funnier during the semi-finals.

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