‘AGT’ Live Results Week 3

It’s results night for ‘AGT’ and I just wish we could skip straight to the results, but no, we must watch Jason Derulo and some

First off there is bad news! One of the Chicago Boyz broke his leg in three different places during last night’s performance. No more human jump roping for that guy for a while.

Jason Derulo stopped by to perform “The Other Side” and I think his performance would have been better if he had teamed up with Kenichi Ebina for some better dance moves. NO ONE CAN OUT DANCE KENICHI! After his performance Jason Derulo gave a shout out to the Chicago Boyz. He should have come out and said that last night to win over some voters, but who knows, maybe they made it anyway. Let’s get some results already!

Not yet. First we must watch Mel B and Heidi Klum talk about themselves, because, ya know, girl power. And this is followed by a discussion about the judges’ hair. This is the stuff live TV is made of folks.

Finally some results! Dave ‘The Cobra Kid’ Weathers, Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low, and Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show step forward and none of them get enough votes to continue forward. This is not surprising at all, especially when you compare them to all of the other performances last night.

The next group up is American Military Spouses Choir, Brandon and Savannah, and Kelsey and Bailey. Of the three American Military Spouses Choir becomes the first semi-finalists of the night. They gave an amazing performance last night, but I’m afraid there are other acts that are more unique and filled with just as much talent. Brandon and Savannah were just not good last night and Kelsey and Bailey were boring, so no surprise that they are going home.

Jonathan Allen, Jim Meskimen, and Kenichi Ebina are next up and and it is announced that Kenichi Ebina is a semi finalist! We all know how happy I am about this, there is no need to go on and on about it. Jonathan Allen also makes it through. I’ve said it over and over that opera is not my thing so Jonathan wasn’t my first choice, but between his talent and his story America loves him. Poor Jim Meskimen doesn’t go on. Great impersonations, average material. I guess that also means no more Marion Ross appearances on ‘AGT’.

The final three step forward: Mitsi Dancing School, Deanna DellaCioppa, and Chicago Boyz. Nick Cannon first announced who of the three is leaving the competition, and that is Deanna. She is an extremely strong vocalist, but I’m fine that she’s is going home because, with only one spot left,  I’m really rooting for Mitsi Dancing School. The judges decide who is going on as a semi-finalist. Mel B voted first for the Chicago Boyz, Howard Stern also voted for the Chicago Boyz, and so does Howie. Heidi doesn’t vote because that would be useless at this point. I kind of can’t believe that the judges didn’t vote for Mitsi. Mitsi Dancing school’s act was visually stunning and, while I liked the Chicago Boyz, Mitsi would have made an amazing Vegas act. This has been one of the biggest disapointments of the season. Well, at the very least I’m glad the Chicago Boyz will be representing my home town!

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s results. Did you think Mitsi Dancing School was snubbed by the judges?

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