AGT Live From Radio City Music Hall Week 1, Results

Well if you aren’t familiar with how a results show takes up a whole hour of television here is how it’s done: Say ‘Radio City Music Hall’ 30 times in the first 15 minutes of the show. Hey, does everyone know what a historic stage this is? Well, you do now!

Before the results we watch a video of kids talking about the judges, which was admittedly adorable, especially when one little girl called Nick Cannon ‘hamous’, a combination of handsome and famous. I also love that they gave Howard Stern a hard time for wearing sunglasses inside. Even kids know that that doesn’t make sense!

Special guests Labrinth and Emeli Sande performed ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ together and gave a lovely performance. Although, it sounded like perhaps Emeli Sande had the same problem that Anna Christine did the night before because she sounded a bit shaky in the beginning, but she pulled it out in the end.

Finally the results:

The first three contestants brought out are Aaralyn and Izzy, Kevin Downey Jr., and Alexandria the Great. Of these three no one makes it to the semi-finals. I didn’t find this particularly surprising considering the competition. It was inevitable that Aaralyn and Izzy would fizzle out and I don’t think Kevin Downey Jr. appeals to a wide variety of people. Alexandria the Great is the most surprising and I would have loved to see more from her.

The next three contestants brought out are Special Head, Fresh Faces, and Hype. Again, no one continues forward in the competition. This also isn’t very surprising. Howie Mandel gives comments for each competitor. He said Hype is great, but they got swallowed up by the stage, Fresh Faces has a bright future ahead of them, and that Special Head blew it with his disappearing act, proving that Special Head is less than special.

Three more acts come up the the stage: Tellavision, Collins Key, and the Kristef Brothers. The Kristef Brothers are the first competitors to become semi-finalists and this isn’t surprising at all considering they gave the best performance of all twelve acts. Collins Key is the next to continue forward and it also sounds like he is going to be the heartthrob of the competition. Tellavision is sent home which is too bad because I think that they were very innovative in their act.

The final three contestants take the stage. Of Branden James, Anna Christine, and American Hitmen, Branden James is the first to go through to the semi-finals leaving one more spot open. For the final two it is up to the judges to decide who moves forward. Heidi votes with Anna Christine, Mel B votes for American Hitmen as does Howie, and Howard Stern ties it up by voting for Anna Christine. When the judges tie America’s votes decide and Anna Christine earned more votes than American Hitmen. While I liked both performances I’m glad to Anna Christine move forward. She definitely will appeal to a variety of audiences.

Overall not the most surprising results show and I am happy with all of the acts that are moving forward despite Branden James not being my style of music. People clearly feel an emotional connection with him and this could take him all the way in the competition. Of the four the Kristef Bros are who I am most excited about and hopefully, come semifinals, they are able to continue their successful combination of acrobatics and humor.

Next week we will see Tone the Chief Rocca and find out how B-DOUBLE O-T-Y has held up over time.

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