AGT Vegas Week, Night Two Recap

Another night of re-auditions in Vegas, plus the reveal of who continues forward and who goes home.

Here are the highlights from each category:

Kid Musicians

Aaralyn and Izzy – This was one of the performances I’ve been waiting for! They performed the much anticipated ‘Lullaby Crash’. It’s no ‘Zombie Skin’ but it sure packs a punch.

Chloe Channell – She can definitely sing but didn’t necessarily choose the best song,’Turn on the Radio’, to show off her voice.

Ciana Pelekai – She definitely has the strongest voice of this group of kids and she may even beat out some of the adult vocalists.


Nathan Phan – He tried to include some comedy into his magic act, but his jokes weren’t funny. He did make some birds disappear though!

Collins Key – Collins did a small trick, but a very good one. He also involved the judges in his act and with a small audience of four it makes sense not to do a large, showy trick. The problem is he hasn’t proved that he is capable of something larger because in his first audition he also did a trick that wasn’t for a large stage like Radio City Music Hall.

Ariann Black -This magician stood behind a curtain door while one of her assistants pushed through the curtain so it looked like she was going through Ariann’s body. It was clumsily executed as the girl kind of got stuck on her way out. Even Heidi figured out how this trick was done but Ariann’s response backstage was that sometimes people don’t understand magic. Burn!

Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low – They had one of the more elegant acts in the magic category. Hoawrd Stern asks them if they had to send one of the magic acts home who would it be, to which Romy Low responds with, Ariann. Ice burn!


Special Head – Its been so long since we’ve seen this levitating guru that I almost forgot about him. This time he bent his whole body back starting from his knees so his back was parallel to the floor. I thought this was impressive, but I didn’t think it was indicative of a big show for Radio City Music Hall.

Megan Piphus – You may remember her opera singing ventriloquism act that was quite impressive. She was my favorite operatic performance in the competition, however this time she went with the Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ and it was less than spectacular.

Lil Mike and Funny Bone – The ‘Rain Dance’ didn’t impress at all this week, so much so that the judges felt they didn’t take the competition seriously enough and sent them home right away. What a harsh night.

Male Singers

Dave Fenley – Love, love, love, love, love! Such an amazing, raspy, unique voice and his performance was equal to his original audition.

Marty Brown – How can you not like this country singer whose wife tricked him into auditioning for ‘AGT’? If I had to pick a strictly country singer for this competition it would be him.

Paul Thomas Mitchell – He performed Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’ and he sounded like Jack Johnson.

Jonathan Allen – He did an amazing Opera performance. Period.

Travis Pratt – Ave Maria was Pratt’s song choice and this really showed off his surprisingly high voice. My personal favorite in the Opera category now that Meghan Piphus’ puppets have switched to the Jackson 5.

After watching all of these performances we finally get to find out who is going home and who is going to NYC along with what category they competed in. If you need a refresher on who some of these people are look back in this article and my recap on Vegas Week, Night 1 and other past recaps.

Going Home

Tavi and Antonio – Acrobatics

“Accro” Brandon Rosario – Acrobatics

Travis Pratt – Male Singer

Paul Thomas Mitchell – Male Singer

Lil Demon – Kids Variety

Melody Caballero – Kids Variety

Archbishop Step – Dance Group

Art Spark – Dance Group

Skilyr Hicks – Female Singer

Genesis Nava – Kids Musicians

Jimmy Failla – Comedy

Eric Schwartz aka Smooth E – Comedy

Megan Piphus – Variety

Kennedy Davenport – Variety

Dancin’ Dylan – Dance

Going to Radio City Music Hall

Sam Johnson – Danger

Brad Byers – Danger

Alexandr Magala – Danger

Special Head – Variety

American Hitmen – Musical Group

Brandon and Savannah – Musical Group

Marty Brown – Male Singers

Dave Fenley – Male Singers

Timber Brown – Acrobatics

Kristef Brothers – Acrobatics

Duo Resonance – Acrobatics

Aaralyn and Izzy – Kid Musicians

Chloe Channell – Kid Musicians

Ciana Pelekai- Kid Musicians

2Unique – Kid Variety

Taylor Williamson – Comedy

John Wing – Comedy

Kid the Wiz – Dance

Hype – Dance

D’Angelo and Amanda – Kid Variety

Ruby and Jonas – Kid Variety

Red Panda – Danger

David Ferman – Danger

Deanna Dellacioppa – Female Singers

Jonathan Allen – Male Singers

There were only a couple of big surprises here. I’m astounded that Travis didn’t move forward and also Dancin’ Dylan. I thought both of these acts were full of talent. I’m pleasantly surprised Aaralyn and Izzy made it. They should be fun to watch as the show goes on. Kid the Wiz is another surprise as his act doesn’t strike as something meant for a big stage.

Next week ‘AGT’ goes live and we will see Special Head, Collins Key, and many more perform.

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