5 Things: TV’s Most Memorable Fictional Musicians

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Kyle Trembley – Head Editor (@kylelovestv)

Mouse Rat (Parks & Recreation)

He may “getting shredded” to star in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, but Chris Pratt’s best work will always be as tubby, lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks & Recreation.  And Andy is at his wide-eyed best when the only shredding he’s doing is on stage while fronting Pawnee’s best rock band, Mouse Rat (formerly Scarecrow Boat).  Flanked by Burley and Chang, Andy wields an acoustic guitar – just like his hero, Dave Matthews – and belts out lyrics to originals like “Sex Hair”, “Ann Song”, “The Pit”, and the touching ballad “November”, written about his now-wife named April.

But it’s “5,000 Candles In The Wind” that put Mouse Rat on the map (of Pawnee).  Following the tragic passing of tiny horse (don’t you dare call him a pony) L’il Sebastian, Mouse Rat was tabbed to play the memorial service, and Leslie Knope challenged Andy to write a song that’s “5,000 times better than A Candle In the Wind.”  He did just that – at least in the most literal possible sense – and the song was so powerful that two seasons later Andy brought it back to serve as the perfect anthem to Leslie and Ben’s perfect wedding.

Video:  http://www.nbc.com/parks-and-recreation/video/andys-musical-tribute-to-lil-sebastian/n4697/

Bonus video: Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, delightfully covered this song during his live tour –


Dave Warren – Managing Editor (@fundavy)

Dylan (Modern Family)

In Season 1, Episode 4’s “The Incident,”  Haley’s boyfriend Dylan’s (Reid Ewing) misguided affections were revealed in song as he attempted to show to Haley’s parents that he is a good boyfriend and can take her to a concert.

The song was called “In The Moonlight,” which sounds pleasant enough, however the main lyric of the tune was “Baby, I just wanna do you, do you want to do me underneath the moonlight.”  Though Haley was enjoying it, Dylan of course failed in his efforts to take Haley to the concert.  Later in the closing credits, each family member was shown singing/humming the tune, so even though it was offensive to Claire and Phil (Haley’s parents), it was at least a catchy tune.

The Modern Family creatives later shot a great video of the song, which can be seen here:


Blaire Knight-Graves – Associate Editor / Director of Social Media (@Blairelovestv)

Deacon Claybourne (Nashville) 

Honestly, I’m not ashamed to say that I have fallen in love with the world of Nashville. Can I just pick all of the musicians? No? Okay.

Then I pick Deacon Claybourne, the recovering alcoholic and former love of country superstar Rayna James. Of all of the musicians on the soundtrack, Chip Eston’s smooth, crooning vocals on “Sideshow” and “Undermine” always make me just a little bit weepy. Granted, I’ve been enamored with Chip since his work on Whose Line is it Anyway in the early 2000s. I was shocked to see him in a drama, but damn, does he play the alcoholic musician well enough that I mostly forget his comedic roles of the past.

Though Deacon has never found his independent fame in the way that his musical counterparts Rayna and Juliette Barnes, being unscathed of immense fame has helped his music remain the most genuine… It may even be fair to say that the crazy women in his life enhance his musical talent.


Caitlin Malone – Staff Writer (@spacecaits)

Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution (Arrested Development) 

In 1996 Tobias Funke, along with wife, Lindsay and daughter, Maeby, formed Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution to promote drugs like Teamocil and Zanotab. Maeby was the band’s soloist who ended the song with a list of side effects, “Zanotab may cause dry mouth, hair loss, an overly alert feeling, and in some cases may diminish your sex drive.” The band came to an end when the FDA shut down production on Teamocil and Zanotab.

Years later Tobias attempts to get the group going again to promote Euphorazine, and despite Tobias’ insistence that they are “pushers, not takers”, Lindsay becomes a taker of the drug. One of the side effects of Euphorazine is delayed irritability and this causes Lindsay to quit and Maeby follows suit.

Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution’s first appearance on Arrested Development was in Season 2’s episode, “Best Man for the Gob” and becomes one of the show’s many recurring jokes.

Just remember, “there is no ‘I’ in Teamocil, at least not where you think.”


Shana Lieberman – Staff Writer (@evilapprentice)

The Page Brothers (Castle)

The Page Brothers:  Robbers.  Murder Suspects.  Near murder victims.  Musicians.  Intrigued?  Read on!

We meet the dynamic duo of Greg and Ty Page in Castle 3×14:  “Lucky Stiff.”  They’re pretty horrible people with a rap sheet that the armed robbery of eventual murder victim Jay Hixton, shortly after he won the lottery.  After getting out of a five year prison sentence for grand larceny on what they dub “good behavior,” The Page Brothers go right back to their criminal roots.  But there’s a catch!  Instead of acting against Mr. Hixton, they wind up doing illegal deeds for him.  Yeah, I don’t get it either, but the bros certainly enjoy reliving their evil deeds.  When they tell Beckett the dark tale of how they attacked a bodyguard with a pipe, threw a guy in their trunk, beat him up, and threatened him?  They’re downright gleeful.

Not yet knowing that Greg and Ty have become enforcers for Hixton, Team Caskett hunts them down as suspects…only to interrupt a “slamming” recording session of hip hop hit “Move That Ass (Get On The Floor).”  Rhyming is the brothers’ forte.  These guys even manage to use freestyle when answering Detective Beckett’s questions — until Castle tells them he’ll buy their album if they shut up, that is.  As it turns out, The Page Brothers are not only innocent of murder but also near victims of a car bomb themselves.  But hey!  At least they weren’t actual victims like so many other musicians on Castle!  (Seriously, what do these writers have against the musically inclined?  HMMMMM?)

That’s the story on the surface, but the real tale of The Page Brothers is how inspiring they are as musicians.  By simply walking into their recording space, Castle becomes inspired to make up his own rhyme, and he does QUITE a lovely job if I do say so myself.  “Three armed cops and a writer makes four.  You’re under arrest.  So, get on the floor.”  Word, Ricky C…But it gets better!  “Move That Ass (Get On The Floor)” is such a work of art that it inspires our beloved Katie B to work on a folksy, acoustic-style cover of it.  Said cover only lasts about 10 seconds, but it’s one of the most memorable moments in Castle history.  Now THAT’S what I call talent!

Oh, and The Page Brothers’ biggest hit makes a special appearance in Castle’s fifth season finale, “Watershed.”  Go back and watch.  And listen.

Without further ado (or rambling, as the case may be), “Move That Ass (Get On The Floor)” as performed by The Page Brothers and Kate Beckett!

***Special thanks to:  1)  @kimbies1985 for the “Watershed” factoid as I was tweeting about having “Move That Ass” stuck in my head.  The Castle fandom is awesome, and 2) a nameless friend who cut the Beckett video for me.


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