5 Notes About the CW Fall Schedule

In the last of the big 5 networks to showcase their upcoming schedule, the CW brings us 2 new series for Fall and 2 for midseason. And there’s also the previously announced vamp-spinoff.   Initial thoughts:

5 – “Reign”:  This one’s the least compelling overall, and seems to be the least likely to engage the CW’s younger audience.  It’s the story of Mary, Queen of Scots.   The series starts with her arrival in France with the goal of securing an alliance…ok….are there dragons?   Superheros?  Time travel?

4 – “The Tomorrow People”:   So CW.   People seem to have come from the future. Oh, now I get the title.  Peyton List from Mad Men makes up part of the ensemble cast of twenty-somethings who seem to teleport in and out of bad situations.  And slow down bullets Matrix-style.

3 – “Star-Crossed” (Midseason):  In 7 words, aliens integrate with humans in high school.   The distinction between the two groups seems to be that the aliens wear only grey, white, and black, have strange tattoo-like markings, and look like they just rolled out of bed.   There’s also a Romeo & Juliet thing going on between a male alien and a female human, who apparently knew each other ten years ago.. when the invasion occurred.

2 – “The 100” (Midseason):  The first 100 people back on the earth after nuclear devastation, 97 years ago.  These 100 are ‘juvenile prisoners,’ sent as a test to see how habitable the earth is.  Looks like there will be some Hunger Games survival skills needed by this Twilight looking cast of delinquent (but all charmingly good looking), futuristic juvies.

1 – “The Originals”:  April’s episode at the close of “The Vampire Diaries” 5th season served as a back door pilot for this new series.  This spin-off is the most anticipated as well as most likely to succeed series for the CW this Fall. Someday this vampire trend will end, but not this year.  Wow, this is just not the series (or network) to find average-looking people.

*extra thing:  “Maggie Q & A”:  What’s up with Nikita? CW says that it will have one final six episode season, scheduled for a midseason start.  Seems appropriate.

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