5 Unforgettable Moments from NBC’s Hannibal

by London McGuire (@LondonMcGuire)

Hannibal, to say the least, is not a show for the faint of heart. While there are a number of gruesomely memorable moments in season 1, there are few that really stick in our minds. Obviously, there are some massive spoilers, so if you’re late to the party, you might just want to look the other way.

1. Human Violin


They say that art imitates life but, as we all learned in Hannibal, sometimes life can imitate art. Few can forget the human violin that appeared in Fromage. In case you were wondering about the logistics and what that would entail, rest assured the writers had you covered. Probably the only thing more shocking than the image is how thorough the writers were in addressing HOW a human violin would be crafted and, worse, how it would sound.

2. Mushroom Garden


Many gardeners tend to disagree on what kind of fertilizer works the best. Thankfully, Amuse-Bouche addressed this dispute in, arguably, one of the grossest scenes of the season – turns out it’s human flesh. In the episode, rows of bodies were buried and covered in nutrient-rich chemicals, in order to promote rapid fungal growth. Probably the most disturbing thing about this was that all the victims were kept alive intravenously…while the fungus slowly crept across their skin.

3. Friendly Fire


While not as grotesque as what came before (or what will follow), the scene in which Will was shot by his colleague, Jack (Laurence Fishburne), was particularly memorable. As far as season finales go, Savoureux was particularly savory for both the intrigue and the massive cliffhanger. Anyone familiar with the story of Hannibal Lecter knew what the show was building toward but the three-way showdown between Will, Hannibal and Jack was, in a word, iconic.


4. Angel Wings


One of the remarkable things about Coquilles was the episode’s penchant for juxtaposition in dealing with angelic imagery. In case you are wondering what is going on in that image, basically the killer crafted wings from the skin of his victims’ backs and would arrange them in grisly tableau. Whereas the motive and the crime regarding the mushroom men had a perverse logic to it, the angel wings motive is actually a little upsetting – especially if you’re not ready for it.

5. Role Reversal


Fans of the books and the movie Red Dragon were in for a real surprise when it was Will behind bars and Hannibal coming to visit. After the shootout we talked about in number 3, Will found himself in prison, framed for a laundry list of crimes penned by Lecter, himself. How would Will make it out of prison? How would he prove Lecter’s involvement? Thankfully, we’ll all have a chance to find out when the show returns for a second season.

Those are just a few of the unforgettable moments. If these images bothered you, it might be best to watch on an empty stomach next year. If season 1 was the warm-up, season 2 will be legendary.

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