@TVBinges – #BrowncoatBinge

Welcome to our third TV Binge, #BrownCoatBinge!

TV Binging. So many of us do it. A new show suddenly becomes available on Netflix (or we finally bought the Lost final season), we start watching at 7pm and then suddenly, two discs later, we have to go to bed and call in sick for work the next day.

Who says that we have to do it late at night, though?

Our idea is simple: everyone likes to binge watch their favorite TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, or DVR/On Demand… right?

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@BlaireLovesTV) knows that I am obsessed with live-tweeting. I’m a fangirl at heart, so to me there’s absolutely nothing more satisfying than sharing that fandom and being able to geek out in the moment with others within the same community.

I’ve started to realize that the worst part of TV Binging is mostly that it completely eliminates the social media aspect of watching television. I can’t very well live-tweet House of Cards or Arrested Development because those shows aren’t being broadcast. On top of that, I’ll never be able to live-tweet The X-Files because—like most of my favorite shows—it wasn’t airing during the eon of social media.

That’s all about to change. We Love TV More is happy to announce our third TV Binges event with contributers Ricky Diaz (@rickyjdiaz) and Shana Lieberman (@evilapprentice).

Every month we will gather on Twitter and live-tweet a Netflix-friendly show en masse. July’s featured show for TV Binges will be #BrowncoatBinge in honor of Firefly. Mark your calendars for July 14th!

(If you’re wondering what Firefly is, please see this Wikipedia entry.)


Live-Tweeting is super simple.

Once you have your twitter account set up, just add a hashtag related to the TV show that you’re watching every time that you send out a tweet. For example: if I’m watching the show Hannibal, I simply add #Hannibal to the end of every tweet that I send out. That way, everyone else who is watching Hannibal can see my tweet and have the opportunity to respond to it.


Hashtag #BrowncoatBinge will be our live-tweeting event spectacular.

Check in with @TVBinges for daily updates!

It’s super simple! We will all gather on Twitter and live-tweet a series of 7 episodes of Firefly that have been chosen by the hosts: @BlaireLovesTV, @RickyJDiaz, and @EvilApprentice.

Participants can tweet throughout the whole binge or come and go as they please because every episode will begin on the hour. Do you have something to do at 3pm but want to binge until then? Nothing is wrong with just joining for an episode or four!

Every episode will start on the hour, with 15-minute breaks between them. Please do not press pause during the episode or you will lose your place in the tweet-a-thon!  You are responsible for playing your own DVDs or streaming the show through Netflix. @TVBinges will keep you on track so that you know which episode is being watched when.


12:00 PM CDT – “Shindig” – S01E04

1:00 PM CDT – “Jaynestown” – S01E07

2:00 PM CDT – “Out of Gas” – S01E08

3:00 PM CDT – “Ariel” – S01E09

4:00 PM CDT – “Trash” – S01E11

5:00 PM CDT – “The Message” – S01E12

6:00 PM CDT – “Objects in Space” – S01E14

We picked each episode carefully so that each highlight was represented, but so that we weren’t going to be wrecks by the end of it. (We did a #Buffybinge that utterly destroyed us. Not this time, Whedon!)


#BrowncoatBinge Countdown – tells you when on YOUR time – every episode starts on the hour, so if you miss one, you can catch up on later episodes.

We also have made a handy Facebook event page where updates will also be posted: #BrowncoatBinge Facebook Event Page.


Be conscious of Twitter Jail. If you tweet more than 200x an hour you WILL be sent there and unable to interact with the rest of the group until the jail is lifted.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to be silly! Highlighted tweets will be collected and published on Storify and the event will be featured on www.welovetvmore.com!

Not a Firefly fan but maybe you know a couple? Please spread the word!

We look forward to tweeting with you on July 14th!


And don’t forget… “Let’s Get Whedoned!” – Shana Lieberman (@EvilApprentice)



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  1. Great idea!
    I was a huge fan of The X-Files back in the 90’s but as you said, the social medias as we know them now had not been invented yet.
    As a huge Summer Glau fan, I’m glad that you’re third TV Binge is dedicated to Firefly. I can’t promess I’ll be live -tweeting with you but I will advertise your project at fan site Summer Glau Wiki and on Twitter.
    Have a nice day!

    • Thanks–we can all thank Shana Lieberman (@evilapprentice) for this wonderful idea! We will likely be doing an X-Files Binge in the coming months, so keep a look out for it!

      Thank you for spreading the word–“Can’t stop the signal”!

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