Maturity, Predictability, and ABC’s Castle

On May 13, 2013, fans of Castle watched as their post-season four dreams came true. Richard Castle, with moments left in the season five finale, wrapped up the question of the ultimate post-sexy-door cliffhanger by proposing to Kate Beckett. As fans remembered that this cliffhanger would last them until mid-September, thoughts started running wild as to what Beckett’s answer would be. However, with this type of cliffhanger, Castle is now in danger of becoming too predictable.

On the surface, fans want Castle and Beckett to be together. Die-hard fans have made it clear that they want Caskett sex all over the screen. They want make-out sessions, flirtatious moments, and cute witty remarks on both sides.

All this is great for now, but how long will it keep being great? Seeing the same thing over and over again will grow boring. Castle and Beckett can shack up and stare into each other’s eyes for days on end, but this will be essentially like watching a live stream of a teenage couple on their high school steps. Over time, not much will differentiate the two.

Underlying the predictability is a troubling maturity gap between the two leads. The one thing that should make Castle and Beckett different from the two kids kissing in the back of the movie theater is maturity, but right now that’s only half true.

The character of Beckett has changed greatly over the years. Her base values are the same (one and done, etc.), but she has grown up. She has realized things about her personal life, her mother, her boss, her hair, and Castle himself. If we look back at season one, the character of Beckett would not understand her personality in season 5. But, if we take the current Beckett, and show her what she was like back then, she would know what happened. She would see where she had changed and allowed herself to go through things so she could grow. Now, at the end of season 5, she is ready to go further with Castle.

However, if Beckett says yes to Castle and forgets the job, she is not only disappointing fans, but she also will be straying from the core values of her character that have developed over five seasons. The concept of Beckett has always been straightforward and whole. She has known what she’s wanted and when she’s wanted it. If she was in a relationship, she was invested, but she wouldn’t let it stop her from doing what she loved. If she does not take this job in D.C., a job that she has shown great interest in, the writers will be falling short of this character. Seasons’ worth of development of Beckett’s complicated personal/professional balance will be thrown out the window simply to answer the fans’ needs.

The man Beckett may marry, on the other hand, has undergone very little development over those same seasons. Castle’s daughter has graduated, he has learned some cop lingo, and he has made some new friends. But, in terms of understanding his part of a relationship, he has stopped. He has made miniscule improvements, but not enough to earn the right to propose to Beckett. In the past, when Castle has gotten worried or scared, he popped out a ring and got married. And his previous wives were the type of characters to go along with that and there’s nothing wrong with them doing so. However, someone watching the show cannot say that Meredith, his first wife, and Kate are the same character. Castle has gotten into a more adult relationship.

Although Castle respects Kate immensely and would die for her if the time came, he is still, to some extent, acting like a child with a play toy. While Castle might check for bullet wounds, argue over leaving a bomb scene in order to stay with her, and jump in front of a targeting sniper, he still is that same character who persuades a blonde flight attendant to parade around in a red Ferrari to make Beckett jealous. When Castle and Beckett got together, he still gave her the cold shoulder when things became too tough. When he thought she was lying or cheating, he backed away instead of talking to her. Beckett is not a play toy, but what does one do when someone else tries to pick up his or her favorite toy at day care? They scream, they hit, and they do what they need to do to get it back. In this case, Beckett is the toy, D.C. is the other child, and Castle’s proposal is the retaliation.

If Castle had grown at the same speed as Beckett, this proposal wouldn’t have seemed so staged. It would not have the underlying sense of disappointment that this did. . Fans wouldn’t have sat in front of their TV screens thinking, “This isn’t how it was supposed to go.” It would have been romantic. And even before Castle would have proposed, he would have let Beckett go to D.C., figure out her professional standing in the world, and allowed her to come back to him if she needed to. He would have assured her that he would be here with his family and that she would be the only one that he would truly love. He would have made a speech that would have been derived from a Nicolas Sparks novel and that would have been the finale. Castle would have made the decision before Beckett was even approached with these two choices.

Fans expected a proposal though, not a speech, and because they did this show is at risk of embarking on a downward spiral to predictability. This upcoming season will be the litmus test to see if Castle has developed its creative legs to stand on. If audience members can figure out what the characters are going to do episodes in advance, then why would they decide to come back week after week to see the show? Why not turn on something more entertaining, more surprising, and better than what they already know?

With this said, speaking of these die-hard fans, I am one of them. I have the Castle calendar, the Castle mini calendar, and the Castle puzzle hanging on my wall. I’ve succumbed to fan fiction, stayed up countless nights watching fan videos, and have even named my cat after a character. I am one step away from being branded by Castle for the rest of my life. I have seen the show since the beginning. And I have seen it start to stray. The season 4 finale was my mecca. Season 5 set the playing field for things to come. But as we began to approach the season 5 finale, I saw the series that once kept me on my toes start to become like every other show on air. By “Still” it was apparent that Castle was going to propose at the end of the season and it was obvious that they were going to cut to black with a surprised Beckett as the finale. Season 5 began with incredible potential, but when we reached the end, some of us realized that the once amazing storyline was in its beginning stages of withering away.

If Beckett says yes to Castle, as everyone expects, and says no to the job in D.C., as some may want, where does that leave season 6 of Castle?  What will it say about Kate Beckett, the strong, driven, career-oriented character who passed on the professional opportunity that she’s been working so hard for to be with a man who essentially leveraged their relationship to force her into choosing between him and her dream job?  And what does it say about Rick Castle, still too insecure to let the woman he loves pursue a goal that doesn’t directly involve him? And what will it say about Castle in general that the bride, who spent five seasons steadfastly growing both personally and professionally, is the one making the life-changing sacrifice to appease the rich man who still, five seasons later, cannot handle the thought of not getting what he wants exactly how he wants it?

Before the series spins out of control and falls into the pit of other washed up television series, this upcoming season is the one chance it has to save itself. Castle can live up to the “series that could” motto that it survived off of in the early seasons. Castle’s maturity needs to be brought up to par with Beckett’s, and the series needs to surprise its viewers. When gif sets are suddenly less appealing than the actual show, then this series will be back on the right path.

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  1. I have had this discussion with fellow Castle fans over and over, and it’s like trying to talk to a brick wall with some of them.

    The show has written itself into a bit of a corner because they’re either going to have to completely do something out of character for Beckett and have her give up work for love, or they’re going to artificially break Caskett up with this DC job. It makes no sense to me that there even had to be a choice like this, but they set it up so that it was either opportunity of a lifetime or love of a lifetime. Why can’t it be both? Shouldn’t we be sending the message to little girls that it can be both?

    I’m not necessarily as worried as you are that the show is going to be ruined by all of this, but I do worry for the Beckett character more than anything else. Is she supposed to take the job and then wimp out because she “misses” everyone in NY? Or is she supposed to take the job and somehow get herself fired? Worse yet, does she just turn it down?? The way that the season finale set things up, she would be, as my beloved Stana herself has said in a recent interview, “a loser” to not take that job.

    Alas. The last thing I want is for Beckett to be a loser. Second to last would be breaking Caskett up just for drama. :(

    • I agree that the writers wrote themselves into a corner and it will be difficult getting themselves out of it. Hopefully they will be successful.

      I am all for Beckett advancing in her career, but I don’t understand why this is such a great opportunity when she has never liked working with the feds in the past and the job was described as leaving little time for anything else. She seemed to like being with Castle so I don’t understand why she would be willing to give it up, for all intents and purposes.

    • Shana, what you and many of the fans don’t seem to understand is that this federal job, although it may seem like a promotion and a dream job, is NOT the kind of job that Kate Beckett has dreamed of all of her life. She dreams of ‘speaking for the dead’, helping victims, saving lives, and making a difference in people’s lives on an individual basis. This federal job would be NOTHING like that. In that job, she would be assisting in government cover ups, cleaning up embarrassing government mistakes, swimming in the mire of bureaucracy and politics, and stomping on the rights of individuals for the ‘greater good.’ When Stana Katic said that Kate would be a loser if she didn’t take the job, I thought she was a loser for being so out of touch with her own character!!! If the writers wanted us to take this job offer as a serious consideration for Kate’s future, they should have presented us with a type of job that the character of Kate Beckett would actually be interested in and love. KB has always expressed how much she HATES feds, so why does she suddenly want to become one? No, this job, just for a job’s sake, is the most ridiculous story line of this series so far.

  2. I think it’s a false choice between marriage and breakup. Castle is independently wealthy. New York and DC are less than an hour apart by air, 3 1/2 hours by train. There’s no reason Castle and Beckett couldn’t continue their relationship outside of a need for implausible drama.

    Of course, that assumes Beckett and Castle are real people. In the context of the show, I’m not sure how it could work. I doubt Castle could follow her around at her new job, and what would happen to Esposito and Ryan? A major shift in the show (say, Beckett brings her team to DC) would probably kill it.

    Knowing the character of Beckett, there’s no way she turns down this job for Castle.

    Best case scenario: Something outside Beckett’s control stops or blocks her from taking this job. Sequestration. Senator Bracken steps in and blocks her hiring. SOMEthing to take the decision away from Beckett, because we all know she’d take the job in a heartbeat.

    Maybe she says no to Castle, accepts the job, the job is gone (somehow), and she has to come back to NYPD and deal with ditching Castle. Maybe they break up, and it’s awkward for a while. I can’t really see it going down any other way.

    • I wonder what would happen with Ryan and Esposito as well. Castle has one of the best supporting casts on television; I don’t want to see them get the shaft just because the Beckett character gets a huge push.

      Speaking of predicability, though, I actually don’t want anything having to do with Bracken or the triple killer to have anything to do with the decision. Too much fanfiction and fan discussion has been done about both options, so I wouldn’t call either option very shocking or creative. :/

    • Just two comments..The name of the show is CASTLE, and in the proposal, Rick said he’d go anywhere with her. Rick aint going away, and neither is Kate. She should take the job as many have said..If and how she returns to the 12th is something else that AWM will handle masterfully. Interacting with the Feds aint like being in NYC and ‘speaking for the dead’ as Kate has done so well for years. Working with/in the Fed. System isnt anything like focusing on homocide in the 12th. Being the hard charging detective is her passion. Being restrained by politics and burearcacy is not going to be her ‘cup of tea–or coffee’. In 5 years, we have learned that AWM tends to get it right regarding these characters, and Im willing to watch and enjoy how he takes this “bump” in the story arc of CASKETT and progress what is proving to be one of the most popular love stories on TV.

  3. Your comment Your comment Your comment Marlowe has done a great job with Kates character but nothing with Ricks which a find very odd. I like to ask Marlowe why but I doubt he would ever answer that question. Nathan himself in a interview before season 5 started that he wanted his character to step up more and he also said Castle grows up. So what happened did Marlowe lie to him or they just didn\\\’t do it. I\\\’m sure before he did the interview he had to talk to the showrunner.What made Castle different from any other cop show on tv is the romance that is what the show is based on. If you take that away why not watch criminal minds or l&osvu they are better at doing the cotw, I can\\\’t see myself watching this show without everbody being at the 12th.I really don\\\’t think Kate would have given this job a second thought if Gates and the guy from Human Factor had told her she should take it. She was never interested with working with the feds before. Kate is not giving up her job for love she is just giving up the DC job and besides she can move up the ladder at the 12th. If that is what Marlowe decides to do if not I\\\’m not sure I will be interested in watching anymore.I never thought I would say that I have watched from the beginning. Marlowe a job can\\\’t keep you warm at night and you may only get one shot at true love believe me I know.

    • I agree completely with all that you said. I’d like to add that I thought we were supposed to see the Castle onion peeled a bit more in Season 5, but we didn’t get that at all.

  4. Your comment I never saw this as a choice between Castle AND the job, because if I was Kate Beckett I\’d say yes to both. There\’s no reason not to. I think the majority of fans agree that the way it should play out is that she says yes to both, at first stuff is smooth-sailing, but then outside factors, be it the distance and not seeing each other all the time, or Kate\’s workload in DC or whatever starts putting a strain on their long-distance relationship. Additionally, because Beckett\’s willing to bend a few rules for the greater good, all the red-tape in DC starts to conflict with her best interests, and couple that with maybe a federal case that requires her to collaborate with the boys back in NY, she\’ll realize that despite DC having been a great opportunity, she belongs in NY, with the boys, because that\’s where she truly feels at home. Also, I think it\’s reasonable to say that Castle stays with the NYPD as a consultant, because despite Gates\’ \”distaste\” towards him, she knows he\’s a valuable asset to the department in terms of crime-solving.As for character development, I have to disagree that Castle hasn\’t developed. Yes, Beckett showed more \”development\”, but that was because her mother\’s death caused her to build up that wall that hid her true, fun-loving self for the most part, but Castle came along and she gradually let those walls down. In essence, I saw that more of a character revelation than actual, linear progression. Castle, on the other hand, was always that sort of man-child. It\’s his personality, and if that hasn\’t changed much in ~40 years, then it wouldn\’t be plausible for him to go from being that immature to being \”Beckett-mature\” (plus, with the fall of Beckett\’s wall came the slight lowering of her maturity level as well) in 5 years. I commend the writers for not \”growing him up\” too much, because of the sheer fact that it wouldn\’t be as realistic. It\’s not like he hasn\’t grown up AT ALL; in the beginning he was this arrogant, immature womanizer, but as the show progressed, we began to see the more mature side of him, someone who\’d risk his life for people he cared for, someone who gave up his womanizing ways for Kate. Of course, he\’s still that man-child he\’s always been, and I wouldn\’t want that to change much, because I think differences in maturity, among other things, contribute to the \”spark\” between Castle and Beckett.But whatever the case, I trust the writers will handle this in the best way possible. Nathan Fillion said it himself at Nerd HQ at Comic-con: \”Castle is in good hands\” :)

    • MWW, couldn’t agree more with what you said! Castle’s “immaturity” is one of the reasons Beckett fell for him and I completely disagree with the OP that Castle hasn’t developed or had character progression, that proposal being a prime example. It was NOT out of desperation but maturity that he chose to commit to her and allow her to do what she needed and offer his support. You mean to tell me that isn’t progression? With Meredith & Gina, I’m sure the proposals were outlandish & goofy & immature, but with Kate it actually means something & he has FINALLY grown up in that respect. However, I do NOT want him to give up his childish ways, that would be going against his character & the reason this show is so darned charming & special!

    • I think *Castle* views it as a choice between him and the job. The season finale really framed his proposal as a last ditch effort to get Beckett to stay in New York with him. Castle seemed really upset that Beckett was considering “leaving” him for DC without consulting him. Castle’s arguments throughout the finale centered around his disappointment that at this point in their relationship, he doesn’t feel like her partner. They don’t make decisions together.

      Castle’s proposal reminds me of the end of “The Family Man”, with Nicolas Cage standing alone, saying – pleading – “I choose us”. We’ll see if Beckett chooses to get on that plane.

  5. This sound like an article written by a “Stanatic”

    • Demon voice: *THEN YOU BEST NOT UPSET THEM*

  6. The problem is one: people doesn’t understand that even if the show is named “Castle”..Marlowe made it for his muse AKA Terri..this is why the show focus more in the Beckett character “The Muse”..I think the DC arc brings to the show a fresh possibilities for the relationship of Kate and Rick dealing with a long distance relationship and Kate realizing how much she miss her life back in NY..We just need to wait and see 😀

  7. I agree completely with everything in this. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and I used to get so excited whenever it would come on and believe me I still do, but I feel like the show has just lost a little of the magic it used to have. I trust that the writers in Season 6 will bring back the original Castle that I fell in love with

  8. Beckett did seem to mature in season 5, but her behavior in the finale (and the first two episodes of the story arc) did not show a mature Beckett. A mature Beckett would have been up front with Rick about the job from the beginning (in Human Factor) but she hid it from him until he found out on his own that something was going on. It left me wondering if she would have told him at all, or if she would have sent him a text from DC, oh by the way… This is the behavior of someone with one foot out the door, and definitely not ready for a one and done commitment.

    Castle has matured since the start of the show. There are definitely some things that he shies away from – like anything he thinks might scare Beckett off. But he realized, at least 3 years ago, that he wanted to be with Beckett and was willing to wait and do it at her pace. Yes, he acted out with the blond in his Ferrari, but not until he found out she’d been lying to him for most of the year (again, very immature behavior from Beckett, and Castle too). Until then, he was willing to continue to wait for her to come to him.

    I also do not understand why working for the Feds is such a dream job for Beckett, other than the writers made it so. She has never liked working with the Feds over the years, including the episode where the job opportunity surfaced. Beckett suddenly seeing this as a “dream” job that she wants more than Castle is one more example of her immaturity. If she takes the job, it is very selfish of her to also accept Castle’s proposal, given that the job was described as leaving no time for anything else.

    I would like to see Beckett continue to grow emotionally and to advance in her career, but this particular job takes her back to where she was when the show started, with her life dedicated to the job and little time for anything else.

  9. I agree with Susan, Kate didn’t show any maturity during Watershed. The mature thing to do was to tell Castle about the interview BEFORE she went. Not hide it from him, hide her plane trip and make the decision all by herself. This tells me she doesn’t see them as a long term couple, that it’s still her life and his. If there is one thing the show has been consistent over the years, is that Kate takes Castle for granted and forces him to “scratch and claw” to get every piece of her life she decides to let him in on.

    As for Castle’s own maturity, I admit he still has room to grow. But he’s grown a great deal. In S5 when he found out she lied (yet again) about Christmas, he confronted her about it in a mature way and let her explain herself.

    I am a woman who has chosen a career over a relationship but I have no issue with women who do the opposite. I’d rather watch Kate put Castle first and not choose the job (that inexplicably became so important to her) because the real “chance of a lifetime” is having a long and loving life with Castle who taught her there are more ways to honor her mother’s memory than finding justice.

    • Shannon, amen girl! Finally someone who gets it! The whole idea of the job versus the relationship is just so contrived. First of all, this job is NOT Kate Beckett’s dream job. It may be the dream job for some people, but not for the woman whose job is to ‘speak for the dead.’ Second, this relationship IS the dream relationship. Kate Beckett will never find another man who loves her as much, understands her so well, deals with her faults half as effectively, is willing to die for her, and IS THE MAN who “would be there for me, and I could be there for him, and we could just jump in together.” So the reality is this: take a federal job (and by the way, she hates feds) that is not a dream job (more of nightmare job) versus stay in the dream relationship (more like the ultimate fantasy) with a man that loves me more than life itself (yah, the guy stood on a bomb with me). Now, look at the REAL question at hand and tell me if Kate Beckett is a loser if she turns down the job. I don’t think so.

  10. Your comment Your comment I\\’m totally agreed with the fact that Castle have to grow up for him and forHis Ladys Love Beckett! Thing i wrote it since the beginnig of this year!Hopefuly he begin with the proposal, he said it, it is an adult decision! And hope he\\’llConfirms his grown up in S6 b/c he want it, he need it. And last year he said it!!Finaly he \\’ll success, in the bottom of his heart, cause all the Story..!!

  11. Your comment I agree wholeheartedly. First of all, Castle HAS changed over the seasons. It may not be as obvious as Beckett, but in the pilot he was \”here for the story\”, but in \”47 Seconds\” when Martha asked why he wanted to finish the case he said, \”because it matters\”. Castle\’s involvement with Beckett and her team has opened up Castle\’s eyes and heart in many ways. He cares about the families. He may not be a cop, but like Beckett he feels a sense of purpose when solving a case. To me that is growth.In regards the the proposal/job, I do think she\’ll say yes to both, with Castle\’s support (he did say, \”No matter what you decide\”), but I also think she\’s going to see that as a fed you don\’t get that sense of satisfaction that you were able to bring some peace to a family. Federal agents work on a \”Macro\” level, and I think Beckett works best at a \”micro\” level, or when she can literally sit with the victims\’ families and slap the cuffs on the murderer. Other things that may come up if she takes the job is that she finds out her new co-workers either have strained personal lives, or no personal lives at all because they put the job first. Beckett has worked for more than 2 years to not be that person. She wants to live life beyond the badge, and she was… she can. Logistically speaking, the show wouldn\’t work if she moved permanently to DC. You\’d lose half of the cast and that in itself would ruin it for many. Furthermore, I see the 12th precinct as a character. It\’s not just a set, it\’s where they all work as family and friends. At the end of the day \”Castle\” is about two things… 1) Castle and Beckett\’s love story and 2) Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Espo working as a team to solve quirky murders. Viewership was up last year and while, yes you want to mix it up a lil, you also don\’t rebuild something when it\’s not broken.Mark my words, Kate Beckett will be back at the 12th by the end of the third episode and moved into the loft no later than the end of the first part of the season

  12. Who ever wrote this review i noticed no name on it-was not only extremely pro kate but may be the most dis honest post i have ever read,rick immature after raising a child by himself,how is this left out when judging him as immature?Kate has never sacrificed for any one in her life let alone rick,this job that came totally out of the blue shows how selfish she really is,yet the writer of the blog never goes there,its a total spin job,maybe a friend or family member of stana wrote it!!!!

    • Amen Markie. Your post is to the point and very true. Beckett has never sacrificed for anyone in her life, and sadly probably does not even know how to sacrifice, or even compromise for others. Sure, she may be able to put together a nice party, but there is more to loving someone than a nice birthday party. Poor Castle, he deserves better. The thing I hate most about the proposal is that in my opinion, Castle never should have proposed to Beckett after what she did in regards to the job. What he has done is give her permission to be a selfish person for the rest of her life and that is a recipe for disaster.

  13. Your comment Megan Haas, reading this article was painful and disappointing to say the least. Alas, when you listed \’her hair\’ as one of the things that proved that Beckett had matured over the years, I understood why you don\’t grasp the concept of maturity. Castle has matured tremendously over the years while Beckett has matured somewhat but not nearly as much. For someone who has watched the show from the beginning, I find your interpretation of each character bewildering at best. I am going to guess that you are very young, probably in your very early 20\’s, so I can\’t fault you for your lack of full frontal lobe development. I would very much like to hear your response to the question of whether you believe that Kate\’s behavior in the final 3 episode arc showed growth and maturity. Is lying to the man that you love about being offered a job interview in another city mature? Is it mature to barge in the room when your boyfriend is deeply involved in a video game with another player on the phone and demand that he drop his pants on the spot and service you? Is it mature to stomp away mad when he doesn\’t and then claim that he is taking you for granted, and this only one week after he stayed with you on a bomb until the very end? Is it mature to fall for the come-ons of a guy like Vaughn, ignore all of the rules of your job while protecting a victim, let the protectee kiss you in front of a huge window, then lie to your partners and the man you love about being kissed? Is it mature to lie to your lover and tell him that you will leave him alone to write for a few days while you really run off to another city for a job interview? I find it strange that you think Castle was so immature for being jealous of Beckett with Vaughn. Here is a guy who Castle himself says is a man that men like him aspire to be. He is on everyone\’s \’last supper\’ list. Lanie and Beckett google over him the whole time they are in the morgue. Beckett\’s mouth falls open every time she sees the guy, in front of Castle. Vaughn makes it obvious that he likes Beckett and he is a man who gets what he wants. Vaughn asks for and gets Beckett to spend the night (guarding) with him in a ritzy hotel suite, alone. And Beckett is still just Castle\’s girlfriend, not his fiance or wife. So you tell me, exactly what part of this is Castle supposed to be okay with? There is not one man on this earth (who still has a pair in his pants) who would not be insanely jealous in this situation. Now lets talk immature. Lets go back to season 4, in Pandora and Linchpin. Here, Castle and Beckett are not even together yet. They come across a woman that Castle had a past relationship with 11 1/2 years ago. Beckett is insanely jealous the entire time, saying things like \”I\’m not going to be rescued by your girlfriend!\” or \”Sleep with whoever you want, the more the merrier!\” Castle made it clear the whole time that the past was the PAST, but Beckett can\’t get past it. So, please tell me, who is more mature?????

    • THIS, ALL OF THIS! Well said, Tonya. Season 5 has left me with so much unsettling feelings. :/

  14. Your comment Your comment I thought this was one of the best responses to this piece that I’ve read.

  15. I, for one, don’t think that falling into predictability will be a problem with the development of the characters. The fandom tends to fall into the trap that they want the characters together and they want it now with everyone living happily ever after. Realistically, life is messy, complicated and throws curveballs at us. There is plenty of material there to mine and Andrew Marlowe has shown us time and again that he can do it. There is one item of predictability that has reared its head in S4 and S5. The relationship turmoil comes at the very end of the season leaving us with a “will they break up” feeling sitting like a cold ball in the pit of our stomachs. I was o.k. with it at the end of S4. The same thing happening at the end of S5, while I can accept how the story is playing out, starts to look like a television ploy to set up a cliff hanger for the end of the season. It’s the rules of television so I can deal.

    I don’t think the show has written itself into a corner simply for the fact that I believe that the showrunners know how they are going to themselves out of the situation even before they got themselves into it. I don’t think Andrew Marlowe is flying by the seat of his pants here.

    I was a fan from day one. I have seen every episode multiple times. That being said, I am a fan who was hoping that there wouldn’t be a proposal. After seeing the episodes after “Still” (shown in the correct order), I didn’t think they were ready for it. I have somewhat changed my mind. I felt that the proposal scene showed Castle’s commitment to Kate, no matter what. I didn’t seem like an ultimatum or an attempt to manipulate Kate into staying. It gave Kate the option of taking the job without the worry that Castle would bail. He once again has told her that he has her back.

    It’s not an either/or choice. I have heard comments saying, “Why can’t Kate have it all”. Two things jump into my mind when I hear this. First, what does “all” mean? It means different things to different people. Second, all situations require that choices be made and there are consequences to those choices (curveballs). Castle and Kate are now in one of these situations.

    Why would Kate want a federal job? For the last two seasons we’ve seen Kate working to open up. Her original plan was to become the first female chief justice of the Supreme Court; a federal job. She saw big things for herself before the tragedy that altered her life. It makes sense that as she opens up, some of the ambition that she had as her younger self would resurface. It makes sense that she would want to try and be more than who she is as she told Dr. Burke. I have made decisions that showed me not only what I want, but also what I don’t want out of both my professional and personal life. Kate may find out that the federal job just doesn’t suit who she is now, but she won’t know unless she tries.

    I believe that Castle has grown and matured. The child-like qualities that he has are part of the core of who he is. It has been tempered with everything that he’s experienced but I don’t want it to disappear. It is part of what helped Kate open up just as much as her seriousness and has helped him grow up. Have we seen the ”peeling of the Castle onion” in S5? I will admit that maybe it’s not as much as I would have liked, but there was enough to keep me intrigued and happy. I’m sure that there will be more to follow.
    I’ve seen posts blaming Castle for this or Kate for that. The truth is that they have both made mistakes. That’s reality people. Just because they both finally realized and admitted their feeling for each other doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to back slide on occasion. I’ve know people that have been married for years and still make mistakes in their relationship. Kate and Rick have to learn how to better deal with these situations when they crop up. The proposal could be a catalyst that starts the level of communication that they need to make their relationship work.

    The fandom seems to be extremely up in arms during this hiatus. I think the main reason is that we haven’t seen the end of the conversation yet. This has fueled all sorts conversations that are like: “Castle should have…” and “Kate would never have…” or “that seems so out of character for…”. I’m not immune. I’ve fallen into that trap too. Just remember, anything we see on screen is not out of character because the writers are responsible for who the characters are. As a fan, I can say that Marlowe hasn’t always given me what I want, but I’ve loved everything that he has given me. Even the scenes or episodes that I find emotionally difficult to watch. Given the shows track record, I have and will keep faith.

  16. Spoiler alert: she says ‘yes’ to both. Done. No reason to worry anymore.

  17. Ugh. The reasoning in this article is sooo simplistic. It’s straight out of a teen romance novel. Thankfully, mature relationships do not work like this – they are far more complex and interesting, and as more nuanced analyses of the show have shown, that’s what the ‘Castle’ producers have successfully been able to portray – two characters learning, growing and maturing together, in different ways. It’s such a shame that even after five seasons of consistently showing this, some viewers (like the writer of this article) simply do not get it. Sad, but to each their own, I guess.

  18. Your comment I don\’t agree with this article. There is so much in it that I don\’t agree with, I don\’t know where to start. Both have matured, in many ways. Beckett has opened up; she has overcome the trauma of her mother\’s murder to a remarkable extent. She learned through Castle to let go, to not go down the rabbit hole, to open up. She lives now, not only works. But, as we saw how she handled this job offer, there is so much she has yet to learn. So there is space for the show to continue to develop her character further.Castle has matured, too. He\’s off the \”NY Bachelor Top 10\” list, page 6 is filled with others, he isn\’t that much of a playboy anymore. When he first followed Beckett, it was partly because he wanted to, well, get in her pants, partly because he probably always wanted to play cop. He still wants to play cop, but this has taken a backseat now. He has a more sober view now of what he does and how it affects others. There\’s so much more to add to that, but I don\’t have the patience.The proposal! Castle DOES NOT see this IN ANY WAY as a decision between the job and him. He EXPLICITLY said that he wants to marry her, if she takes the job or not. He\’s well aware of what you said about the distance and that they could make it work. And I think the proposal was done right. Yes, it wasn\’t as fluffy-romantic as many of us have hoped for; but on the other hand, that was a different Castle. You remember \”Nikki Heat\”? He basically \”accidently proposed\” to Beckett with Ryan\’s ring. It was a simple gesture, not over the top how he had advised Ryan just seconds before, and Beckett said something about how a girl wants something simple as I remember? Doesn\’t matter, it just adds to my point anyhow.I don\’t want Castle to fully grow up. He has to be silly for two. What we\’ve seen from Castle is a much more subtle development when it comes to walls. Yes, Castle has walls, but they are not as easy to see as Beckett\’s. He deflects everything with wit and irony, for example. But just as Castle dug a hole in Beckett\’s wall, so did she get him to talk about his dreams about Jordan. There is more to Castle than the author of this article seemingly wants to acknowledge.I know, most if not all of it has already been said, but I needed to say it again.I think the author should overthink his opinion, now that he has feedback on other points of view.

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