5 Things: A Love Letter to Kate Beckett

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“She’s a little girl, she’s a tigress, and she’s a warrior. She’s insecure and she’s indomitable. She’s everything.” — Stana Katic on Kate Beckett, Parade Magazine

 1.  She’s not your typical TV cop.

Most female cops on TV are forced to give up pretty much everything that makes them women except for their anatomy, and even that is so well-hidden that I’m not sure it remains.  They show up on the small screen in their completely unflattering, masculine blazers and slacks, and nobody stops to wonder why that’s even necessary.  I guess law enforcement is still considered a “man’s” job, even in 2013?  Not so with Kate Beckett.

While she started out all buttoned-up and short-haired in season one, Castle’s top female detective always had a certain “girly” side to her, which has has blossomed into something truly special over the past five years.  Kate has shown us that she’s 100% woman over the course of the series, wearing a vast array of clothing that has gotten away from the traditional “female cop” wardrobe.  She has grown out her hair in a “dizzying array of hairstyles,” to quote Castle himself, and she manages to take down dangerous criminals in her trademark high heels.  This character leaves no doubt that you can be a successful woman in what is traditionally a “man’s” role with no problems whatsoever.  A lot of this comes from actress Stana Katic, who has always insisted that it’s possible for women to still be women whilst in positions of power.

Check out what Stana had to say about her philosophy on Beckett at the 4.5 minute mark in this video from her interview on “The Talk.”  Or, really, watch the whole thing because Stana is a magical being…but especially the 4:24 mark, right up until the end.

2.  She’s a fangirl like the rest of us.

Although Beckett may try to fool us into believing that she’s a serious cop and nothing else, the Castle writers have gifted us with insights into her personality that tell us otherwise.  In season one’s “Little Girl Lost,” we learn from ex-boyfriend Will Sorenson that Beckett once stood in line for an hour just to get Castle’s autograph.  Fictional soap opera Temptation Lane makes her feel “like home and safe” ever since her post-tonsillectomy TV binge with her mom.  (We learn that one in season 3‘s “One Life to Lose.”)  In season 4’s “Heroes & Villains,” we find out that Kate is a huge comic book nerd.  She is not only an established client at one of New York’s best comic dealers, but she also has a fast answer when Castle asks her which comic book character she’d like to be.  Her answer?  Elektra.  Because of the “badass ninja skills,” obviously.  Most recently, we have discovered that Kate is a huge fan of the short-lived sci-fi series Nebula 9 and even used to attend conventions with her fellow nerds.  She even cosplayed as her favorite character.

Special thanks to guest #CastleBinge MC Christy Spratlin for reminding me of this one:

Last but FAR from least, season two’s “Suicide Squeeze” brought us a totally fangirling Fangirl Beckett.  I’d like to think that, based on how she played the character, Stana Katic herself would understand my own fangirling if (when?) we ever meet.  Then again, Beckett was a lot smoother when she met “Joe freaking Torre” than I could ever be when meeting Stana freaking Katic…

 3.  She went through a wild-child phase and is still a bit naughty.

In season 3’s “Under the Gun,” Beckett mentions her wild-child phase, which of course Castle wants to hear as much about as possible.  So far, we’ve learned that teenaged Katie Beckett dated a grunge rocker that her dad didn’t approve of, and she has both a tattoo and a navel ring.  The tattoo is even somewhere indecent; we haven’t seen it, despite seeing Beckett in a bathing suit in “To Love And Die In LA” and in her underwear in “The Human Factor.”  The wild-child phase also gave way to Biker Beckett.  She saved up for a ’94 Harley Softail, which she supposedly still has and continues to use, although we’ve never gotten to see it.  (Come ON, Mr. Marlowe!  You gave us Caskett.  Beckett on a bike can’t be hard compared to THAT!  Pretty please?  With unicorns on top?)

She does “this one thing with ice cubes,” has no problem popping another button before going to interrogate a guy semi-undercover, and gropes Castle in the precinct elevator.  And let’s not talk about her merciless teasing and sexy, sexy dancing in season 3’s “Lucky Stiff.”  While we’re at it, she enjoys driving Castle’s Ferrari a BIT too much for a straight-laced cop in that same episode.  Speaking of not being a totally straight-laced cop like our beloved KB would like us to believe, she’s certainly not opposed to going rogue with Castle, even when it has repeatedly gotten both of them into sticky situations.  In one such case, Beckett flew to Los Angeles and worked the case of her training officer’s murder, even after she was told to leave it alone.  She had no jurisdiction whatsoever but still broke into a house with her ninja lock-picking skills to get evidence, forcing her to run from local law enforcement.  And even when the LAPD ratted her out to her captain, who ordered her once again to drop the case?  Beckett kept going, staging an interrogation on a movie set and, eventually, catching a murderer.

 4.  She is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, woman on television today.

Forget about the fact that she totally kicks major booty.  I’m not talking about Beckett’s physical strength here, although it’s impressive enough.  No, this is all about Kate’s inner strength, whatever it is that keeps her going despite every tragedy that gets thrown her way.  Her mother was murdered when she was nineteen, but instead of sitting back to cry and lick her wounds, she found the strength to deal with her father’s grief-induced alcoholism.  From there, she channeled her need for justice into becoming New York’s youngest female detective.  Beckett brings closure to victims‘ families with a determination and compassion that absolutely nobody else has.

Beckett battled back physically from being shot in the chest, returning to the force after going away where nobody could see her in a weakened state.  A few months later, when she started having terrifying symptoms of PTSD during a sniper case, she didn’t back down.  Instead, Beckett put herself face to face with the criminal responsible for the shootings and dared him to look her in the eyes if he was going to kill her.  When finally given the chance to stare down the man responsible for her mother’s murder, Kate didn’t turn away for a second.  Instead, in one of my absolute favorite scenes in season 5’s “After The Storm,” Beckett pistol-whipped the crooked US senator and demanded a deal with him based on information that she didn’t really have.  My girl didn’t flinch.  Not once.  Kate Beckett is a character that faces down her demons and shows us all that we can come back stronger from any setback, if we only keep pushing.  She’s a true role model for little girls everywhere; too bad they’re too busy looking up to weak characters like Bella Swan.  Le sigh.

5.  She’s Richard Castle’s always.

There’s no mentioning Kate Beckett without mentioning Caskett, and there’s no mentioning Caskett without mentioning “always.”  Even when these two idiots in love were stubbornly denying their feelings and stupidly refusing to use their real words, they still managed to let each other know what they meant to each other by using THEIR word.

Honestly, there’s not much that I can say about this epic love story that hasn’t already been said, but Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are clearly meant to be.  From the way that Castle’s books helped Kate through her mother’s death, to the immense chemistry that they’ve had since the first time Beckett hauled Castle in for questioning, to the way that they’ve taken care of each other over the years, to the way that their personalities are the perfect yin and yang, it’s been obvious all along that Caskett was fated.  For fans, it was often PAINFULLY obvious, especially when they made stupid decisions like running off with ex-wives to the Hamptons or dating motorcycle-driving, uber schmuck doctors.  What wasn’t obvious was how long and often frustrating, yet ultimately beautiful of a path Castle and Beckett were going to take to becoming a couple.  And what a lovely couple they make.

While it’s certain that there will be more obstacles along the way, I have no doubts that Caskett will continue to beat the odds and make all the songs make sense.  I’m also PRETTY sure Castle’s going to be Beckett’s one and done.  Any couple that successfully comes up with their own shipper name is certainly going to be together forever.

Here’s to Caskett.  Join us for #CastleBinge September 15 so we can celebrate this truly extraordinary couple.  I’ll be the one swooning over Kate Beckett.  Hope to see you there!


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  1. Your comment Your comment Your comment Shana, Fabulous writing from a true Castle Fan. I love this show as much as you do and enjoy reminiscing about past moments and scenes. Kate Beckett is an amazing character and Stana Katic is the wonderful actress who brings her to life. Stana is the best actress I have ever seen in how she can act both with words and actions. I don\\\’t know what I would do if I ever got to meet her! Let\\\’s keep Fangirling so we can bring more accolades Stana\\\’s way.

    • Thank you! I tried my best to do Beckett (and of course Stana) justice, which I’m not sure is even possible for mere mortals. The general feedback that I’m getting seems to be that people are happy with this, which I can’t express my gratitude for enough. I’m definitely going to keep fangirling. It is, after all, impossible to control. :)

  2. I love Kate Beckett/Stana Katic and I loves this post.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the support! I don’t know if you could tell, but I also love Kate Beckett/Stana Katic. :)

  3. Your comment Beautifully written :) Kate Beckett has been my favourite character on \”Castle\” since season 1 and Stana is doing so wonderful job with her. This Stanatic is very, very happy with your post. THANK YOU! :)

    • This Stanatic is very, very happy to hear that you enjoyed my post! :)

  4. Your comment Really good post! I loved the part when you mentioned that Kate can be a STRONG woman but even be a fan-girl nerd and have that 100% girly side.. really good to mention that oneself can be all of that at the same time! In the other hand Stana is adorable! I think that she\’s perfect for the role, Stana/Kate that can open doors with that smile and it\’s all that combo that drives Castle crazy (as he have another option!). I started to see the show about three months ago and I\’m still wondering why I hadn\’t seen it before?! I saw the all the 5 seasons together! couldn\’t stop seeing it! and I become a real fan of the show… I think that Castle is one of the few shows that you can see every episode time after time and not get tired of it…Thanks and cheers from Argentina. Martina.

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